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15 February 2012


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I'm glad that Merlin has a clean bill of health!! Now if the twins would just follow him.

We get the pleasure of seeing wildlife on our property too. I live seeing the mama deer with her two babies. They are so beautiful and graceful.

I like your card! I love the rhinestones as bubbles!! I haven't paper pierced on any of the cards I have made. I'll have to try it!!

Marge Penley

I am very concerned about your cats. Merlin sounds fine now, thank God. Seems as if you have had enough of vet trips for awhile. Will send prayers up that the twins are okay.

Betty had to be put down yesterday. We have gone through this nine times but never anything as bad as this. Don't try to keep your animals too long as we did. Her veins were so bad they tried five times to get a needle in but couldn't. I thought they might have to shoot her. Finally they got an IV n and she peacefully went to Rainbow Bridge where she met all her other brothers and sisters. It has been lonely today but we luckily have Mr. Baxter our two year old boxer to cheer us up.

Jaydee, you card is adorable and I can't wait to see your house finished. Keep us posted.

Jaclyn Miller

I love how that seaweed just seems to reach out to that cutie fish. Thank you for playing along with CAS-ual Fridays this week.

Kelly Wentling

Hi Jaydee! I like your paper piecing and it looks wonderful on your fishy! I do a little, but find I need to have lots of time for that sort of thing. Sometimes my stamping time is so limited that I resort to other techniques for sake of time. It is all the rage though. I'm so happy to hear about Merlin. What a relief! Prayers for the "twins" and that your vet can figure them out and have them back to normal soon as well. I had a big scare this past fall with my black lab and almost lost him. And just 2 weeks ago, my yellow lab got very sick from drinking the creek and pond water and it took a week to nurse him back to health. It is such an adventure owning our furry friends! Love the pictures of your new home. I can't believe how far they have come now! Your views are amazing Jaydee. This will be such a delight for you and Lou soon! Thank you for my thank you and surprise sample too. Just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you and all you were going through. So happy you're getting back to a normal routine now and having some crafty time too!


Jaydee, so happy to hear the good news about Merlin and the fabulous update on the house. I know Bilbo and Sam will be sorted out in no time as well. Now, aren't you always telling us that Bailey is the big trouble maker...
Loved the card today, it certainly is cheerful and makes me smile. I hadn't done a lot of paper piecing until the last retreat I went on. With no outside distractions and lots of time to be putzy I really enjoyed it. All of my cards and the birthday calendar I created had piecing or coloring and it was soooo relaxing. So much for CAS!
Sorry I haven't commented for a while, I have been reading you faithfully but have been busy with taxes and new babies. Such is the life of a child care provider! But I think we've settled into a routine now and I'm hoping I can get back to "normal".
Warm thoughts and prayers to all those in need. Have a great day One & All

Doris D.

Such a cute card. Love the colors. And your house is so exciting. I love all the windows. I have lots of windows and it is always so bright and cheerful. You will so enjoy all the light. More pictures, please.


Well, isn't this a delightful card! I'm such a fan of Pool Party, and it is fabulous with the Pear Pizazz and Pumpkin Pie (and those are all "PP" when abbreviated, FYI ;oP). I had to take a second look at the "frame" as it didn't even occur to me it was hand drawn. How fun!

Hooray hooray hooray Mr. Merlin is all better! Now for Sam and Bilbo to go the same way--my fingers are crossed.

I LOVE the views from your house!! You are going to be so very happy there. :o) I love the framing in stage when you can walk through walls. :oP

Lou, it was lovely to see your handsome face. :o) I hope all is well and you will be staying put for a spell.

My prayers for those in need of a lift and hugs!

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