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26 March 2012


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Lynn Hayes

Love the image and your card! It looks great against that perfect blue too! So pretty.

Oh, yes, I remember the manual typewriters - and not fondly either! That's what I learned on and when they came out with the electric ones I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread!!! LOL! Now we have computers and who knows what else.....we've come a long way!



I watched that video earlier today and loved it, but hated that poor Charlotte was tossed aside. She has a beautiful voice on her own but seemed to be overshadowed. I LOVE what Jonathan said at the end about sticking together.
Your card is so cute and perfect for the challenge this week at CAS-ual Fridays! Thanks so much for joining us:)

Michele Gross

Jaydee, this is delightful! Wonderful use of color and a great design :) Thanks for playing with us at CAS-ual Fridays!

Laurie W

This is adorable! I love that little typewriter! Thanks for joining us at CAS-ual Fridays!

Sally A. Davis

I loved that boys voice. Thanks for sharing this video with us. I hope he goes far in the competition. And yes, I certainly do remember those manual typewriters. I used them at my job until we got the electric one. And then on to the computer and keyboard. But those old manuals were a trip!

Darnell J Knauss

How clever are you lifting the sentiment out of the typewriter like it's for real! Love it! And, yes, I remember those and platens and carriage returns. To this day, if I'm telling a story about "I shot off an email to so-and-so," I will mimic fast typing with my fingers and then slam my right hand to the left, for emphasis, like I'm returning the carriage! Those carriage returns were GREAT for letting off steam, ha, but you had to be careful not to hurt yourself or send the whole thing flying off the desk!


You bet I remember those old typewriters. In high school I couldn't take phys ed. because of a cast on my leg, so I took typing instead. I still can hear the 'dings' and 'whacks' as we hit the carriage returns. I think it was the most useful class I took in all my school years! (Have to confess that I remember the word 'platen', but not what it means, though.)

Thanks for pointing us to Jonathan. What an amazing voice for 17. And what a lovely choice for your wedding recessional.


I love Pool Party paired with black! It's such a striking combination. This card is fantastic! I don't necessarily remember manual typewriters (okay, I remember them, but never used one), but sure as shootin' remember electric typewriters and taking typing in school with one. There's nothing quite like the clickety clickety of the letters striking the paper. :o)

Lissie sent me the Britain's Got Talent clip of Johnathan and Charlotte (I think...?) singing and my entire body broke out in goosebumps the moment he started singing. Unbelievable. What a voice...oh what a voice.


P.S. Hi Lou! I was re-listening to Bill Bryson reading "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid". I ADORE Bill Bryson and just LOVE listening to him read his own works--he knows exactly what he intended when he wrote passages and you can hear him get tickled with himself once in a while as he gets a note of laughter in his voice. If he has recorded it on audiobook, I've got it in my library to pull out for road trips. :o) Thanks for asking. :o)


lol .... I was going to say too, that now I am really showing my age! ooops!!!


Very nice card ... I have the Lawn Fawn set that is called "My Type" and *My Type Two* ... love them both. Yes, I can remember typing on an old manual typewriter. IBM black and you had to make the return by hand. I knew the whole key board when I was 8 yrs old. My Aunt Cathy taught me to type when I stayed with her for two weeks during summer break. When I went home I told mom that I wanted a typewriter for Christmas and that is all I wanted. What did Santa bring me .... you got it. When I grad from high school I was typing well over 100wpm without mistakes. I still to this day love typing on a typewriter (yes I still have one) : )
Thanks for sharing with us.

Virginia L.

Love your monochromatic theme! Very sophisticated and refreshing! So glad that you join the fun with us at CAS-ual Fridays! Hope to see your beautiful work again! PS: thanks for sharing that music link! I heard about the singing from TV! Amazing!

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