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11 March 2012


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I love the pop of flowers and the simplicity of the tree! The contrast is so striking! Thanks for the inspiration.

Ann Schach

Such a gorgeous clean and serene card, Jaydee! I know it will bring comfort to the recipient. I hope this week is less eventful for you.


I'm sorry for your loss, Jaydee. Your card is beautiful and I'm sure it will bring comfort to the person receiving it. Let's hope there aren't any more irritating incidents like the mailboxes. You have enough going on without that kind of nonsense. On the bright side, spring is around the corner as evidenced in your post! Yay!! Take good care.

Jenn Picard

Jaydee I am so sorry that you had to make this card a sympathy one, however I am sure that the person you are giving it to will be comforted by it. It truly is a beautiful card and I love how clever you were by using MDS and resizing the tree image, the punched flowers are definately the perfect finishing touch.

Anne Marie Hile

What a gorgeous card, Jaydee! I agree with you that sympathy cards are always so difficult to create, but you did a wonderful job. I especially like how you used MDS to stretch the size of the tree. I really need to remember to use that program much more often then I do. I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Hugs! :)

Kelly Wentling

Hi Jaydee. So, so sorry for your loss. This is quite lovely and the colors are so soft and pretty. It's a beautiful sympathy card.

Very frustrating about your mailbox and the neighbors too. Someone must have partied a little too much, huh.

Love to hear about your signs of Spring. It's such an amazing time of the year!


Jaydee, The extra touches of the spring colored flowers to your sympathy card will fill the recipient's heart with warmth. What a beautiful thing for you to think of your friend when you see these colors and to me this represents life after the hurting. What a great idea to use MDS to make the tree larger...smart thinking!

Ann R

What a beautiful card! Sympathy cards can be difficult, but this is perfect. Sometimes it's just hard to comprehend why people do stupid things ... Sorry about the mailboxes. But how exciting for your upcoming move. Hang in there. And hugs to you!

Amy Lazzell

I love the sympathy card. I'm sorry for your loss and the need to make such a lovely card. However, it's truly beautiful. This card can't help but warm your heart and put a smile on your face while delivery a very difficult message. I have never seen a nicer sympathy card. I'm sorry to hear about the mailbox Jaydee. This was the last thing you needed among a move and a loss. Things come in threes, so hopefully your done!!! I hope you have a better week!!! Hugs!! Amy

Nance Leedy (Canopy Crafts)

Oh Jaydee, this is lovely. So soft, serene and soothing. Love the larger tree and the flowers are truly the perfect touch. So sorry you needed it, though. ((hugs))


I'm terribly sorry you needed a sympathy card. Those are always so very difficult to make. You did a lovely job, in spite of the difficulty. It's calm and soothing and and very gentle--if that makes sense.

Oh for crying out loud on the mailbox front. Seriously?!? ARGH! I'm so very sorry. What a pain in the tukus. :oS

May you get many many more boxes packed this week!


P.S. Hi Lou!

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