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01 April 2012


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Ann Schach

Aw...this is such a cute card! And I LOVE seeing the house pictures! Your island is going to be phenomenal!


Very cute card and fits the occasion for you. House is looking wonderful!

Ann R

That is just the cutest card!! And thank you for your well wishes! I think we're best buds now. 😊 XXOO

Anne Marie Hile

Such a perfect card for you, Jaydee! That stamp set is adorable! Did you whip up a batch of them? You are going to need them to share your new address pretty soon. The house looks like it is coming along beautifully. How exciting! Hope you had some time to relax this weekend! Big hugs! :)

shirley pumpkin

Wow that is a lot of coloring, perfect job. The cow does have a funny look on his face, he's like "We What"?? lol Your kitchen is going to be beautiful!!


Christy Q

Such a great card, Jaydee! Love the colors!

So exciting about your house - it's becoming more and more real!!!

Linda Callahan

Love seeing the pictures of your new home! It is going to be gorgeous! The view is wonderful! I am sure you can wait to mooooooove in! What a cute card - and you are amazing to do all of that coloring!


I am so jealous each time I look at your home....my poor old cupboards just need to be chucked. Oh well. Your card is CUTE and perfect for the challenge....don't you want to make one for each & every one of your friends, to let them know once you've moved??!!! LOL!


Fabulous photos. You must getting so excited.

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