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17 May 2012


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Hugs back to you! It's good to hear how things are going. Can't wait for pictures. Love the robin story - I have one too. My daughter never took down her real Christmas wreath on the front door. Long ago it turned brown; now robins have made their nest and there are two eggs! We can see them through the glass windows in the door, which is now off limits. The cats can see the parents flitting about too! What funny noises the fur babies make.


so happy to hear from you and am thrilled that you are still so happy. Can't wait to hear and see more. Hugs to all and wishes for a super happy weekend.


How delightful to get to watch baby robins grow up! They sure are ugly little things when they're first born--most newborns are, though, aren't they?--but they grow to be the fluffiest, cutest things. :o)

I'm delighted to hear you are settling in well and sincerely hope the keyboard and mouse show up. ACK!! I can't imagine being without!

I look forward to seeing all the beauty that surrounds you guys. And, I can't wait to see the cards you create in your new space. How wonderful to get to set it up just so. :o)


P.S. Howdy Lou!! :o)


Glad to hear you are doing well. Your view sounds wonderful!!

Ann R

Can't wait to see your pictures. I'm so very happy for you and hope that someday I will be able to blog about my house, nature and wildlife. Until then, thanks for sharing with us!

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