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21 May 2012


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Gretchen Barron

This is such a beautiful card! It's has a very elegant feel to it! Thanks for sharing and playing along at Stamping 411! Blessings, Gretchen


Soft, Subdued and Beautiful!

Marsha E

Another card I will be casing for my friend who loves green. Now, off to search for a new bird feeder. thanks,
Marsha E


Gorgeous! Love it all!


Very nice card, Jaydee!! It's perfect!

I too like the bright orange feeder with the orange slice. It's happy!!


Your card is pretty, but your oriole is GORGEOUS! They are hands-down my FAVORITE bird of all-time! We get them occasionally, although my sister down the road gets them more often. I will have to try the orange feeder/grape jelly idea. I have not had luck with any feeders in the past, but this looks fun enough just to have hanging around!


First, I'm INSANELY jealous of your oriole. We've never had them here. He's stunning!

Second, the card is wonderful. There's such a peace and tranquility to it--are you by any chance channeling that from your new views? :o)

I know some folks gripe about unpacking, but that's the part I enjoy--finding new homes for everything. :o)

Keep it up!


P.S. Hi Lou! :o)

Kelly Wentling

Such a lovely card Jaydee! This is my favorite stamp set of all time and you do it justice! Thanks for the tip with the hemp knot. I'll give that a try sometime as it can be quite stubborn. Your Oriole photo is striking! Love the bright feeder with all those goodies attached. I bet it is fun to watch your Robin family as well. Hope you get a good photo of the babies. We have Sparrow babies right now all fuzzy and tiny. Not an exciting bird but such a learning tool for my kids to see. Have a wonderful day Jaydee!

Beth Rigden

Great card- I love Pear Pizzazz too!
Gorgeous picture of the Oriole. That is one bright feeder! Are those little feeding dishes on the bottom? Pretty cool set up!

Nina Riley

Love your Oriole photo. We've had one hanging about singing in the top of the trees but so far haven't been able to get it to the feeder. It started out visiting our hummingbird feeder so we thought it would be easy to get it to the Oriole feeder. Uh,no!


So pretty Jaydee! Love your stamping and what a beautiful bird! Hope you are settling in nicely.

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