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Hi Everyone. Happy Wednesday. I don't have a card for you tonight, but I do have some photos :-) We are finally starting to settle in. Almost all the boxes are unpacked but I still haven't found my nestabilities! Mmmm... I KNOW I packed them somewhere safe. If you are anything like me, safe places are generally the ones that I never find again :-) Our dining room table has arrived, as has Lou's desk. No chairs to sit at them with, though! The dining room table top is SO heavy, that it is still sitting on the ground. I'm... Read more →

Hi Everyone. Happy Sunday. I'm late with my challenge card this week. We were rushing around yesterday and I finally had the chance to make my challenge card about 45 minutes before I had to go get ready for dinner in St Paul with Lou. Mmmmm.... I made the card. I hated it. I photographed the card. I hated it even more. It's not often that I make a card that I absolutely despise. There are some that I shake my head at and think... what were you thinking? But this one.... was dreadful. It sounded great in my head...... Read more →

Hi Everyone. Happy Thursday. I don't have a card for you tonight, but I thought I would share some pictures of what's been visiting us and I don't just mean the 3" of rain we have had in 24 hours either! Last night we had received nearly 2 inches of rain. We slept with the windows open and I swear, it was almost impossible to get to sleep. The frogs were REALLY loud and really happy. Honestly, everynight since we have moved in, I have gone to sleep with a smile on my face. I've slept really well because it... Read more →

Hi Everyone. Happy Tuesday night. I hope you are all having a great start to your week. I know.... you are all wondering what on earth is it with green this week? Good question. It isn't a color that I normally base my cards around, but I have was really drawn to it this weekend. Tonight though... it was the gorgeous inspiration card on casestudy that drove me to green. Check out this fabulous card I really was inspired by the color, the lace, the texture and, of course, the tag :-) You need to pop along to casestudy and... Read more →