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Meet the neigbors, that's why they call it a wetland and blog candy

Hi Everyone.  Happy Thursday.

I don't have a card for you tonight, but I thought I would share some pictures of what's been visiting us and I don't just mean the 3" of rain we have had in 24 hours either!

Last night we had received nearly 2 inches of rain.  We slept with the windows open and I swear, it was almost impossible to get to sleep.  The frogs were REALLY loud and really happy.  Honestly, everynight since we have moved in, I have gone to sleep with a smile on my face.  I've slept really well because it is so quiet and there is no traffic noise.  It's all led to me being much more relaxed during the day, too.  Going to sleep, listening to the rain, the wind in the trees, watching the lightening and being seranaded by thousands of frogs.... priceless :-)

We lasted just a couple of days before we HAD to go and buy a feeding station.  We are so pleased we did.   I'm going to share some photos with you - and then offer up a little more blog candy!

Firstly.... let's get the blog candy question in.........   What is this bird?   I called this picture BOTTOMS UP. :-)   For those of you with the right answer, I will put your names into the random generator and pull out two winners.   What will you get?   Well, the Stampin' Up! scrunchy bins that I bought at convention last year.   I love mine.  It sits on my desk everytime I craft and its a perfect size.  I put my waste in there and then dump it straight into the recycling from there.   Then, it folds up, nice and neat, and sits on a shelf in my crafting space.    So.... two scrunchy bins up for offer.  All you have to do is correctly identify this little visitor and your name will be put in the draw.   I will be sending out all the blog candy goodies this weekend - and will add these to the posting.   So, you have until Saturday morning to add a comment to this post.

Who is this little visitor?


Now... our feeding station has attracted quite a few birds


Generally, the goldfinch take for ever to find a new feeder.... not these guys!   I'm thinking of putting up a sign that says "Goldfinch Station"!


We were so excited to see the grosbeak and his female hanging around.  He was really difficult to get a good shot of...but he sure is handsome.


The Hoary woodpecker and her mate have been hanging around as has the flicker and the redbellied woodpecker.  We haven't had the Pileated yet... but I'm determined to attract him :-)

Of course, every feeding station becomes a battlefield and the birds end up doing time share.  Occasionally, they get greedy and want to move in before their allotment time is up :-)


On Tuesday night - our view of the wetland looked like this

Stormy skies

However, tonight, after 3 inches of rain...... we knew why they called it a wetland view!


Yep.... it's wet :-)   You may be wondering why we still have the landscaping screens up and bare earth?  Well, that's because, on the edge of the property, we are putting in wild grasses and wildflowers, as well as a couple of trees that cater to the wildlife.   We knew we had to put in the ubiquitous green lawn.... but, on the sides and the back, we really wanted the landscape to blend into the wetland.  Over this summer and fall, we will also be rehabilitating some of the woodland area and removing the buckthorn and planting native bushes that are not invasive.  We will also be planting some wetland/woodland plants like ladyslippers and plants and grasses that filter water and provide food for the birds.  In the meantime, its a bit of a mess.  However, the birds are loving such easy access to worms :-)

As always, thank you so much for spending time in my little area of the stamping blogosphere.  I know I tell you this everytime, but I really do mean it... .your visits and your comments are the only thing that keeps this blog going.

Warm hugs and prayers to those of you who need a little lift tonight.  Have a wonderful Friday.