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24 May 2012


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Maybe a regular old sparrow? Dunno, but am enjoying both the pix and seeing your cards again. My inspiration is completely gone, haven't made a card since September, but love yours! And what a view! I would find it impossible to get ANYTHING done!


Thoroughly read every posting. Love your photos, cards and your new home. I rarely post anything, but thank you for sharing.


I think that bird is a white breasted nuthatch. It does look a little smaller in the picture, & the red breasted nut hatch is smaller, & so cute. I love watching these little birds at my feeder. One has taken residence in one of the bird houses my hubby has in the woods. Beth


Wow!!! What an awesome feeding station! It's beautiful. You sure get great pictures of the wildlife around you!! Love those! I think the bird is a white breasted nuthatch too.


I think maybe you and Lou might have to work a side job to buy all the seeds for the feeders!! I actually think the birds are the lucky ones that you built your house where you did!! LOL
In my neighborhood I would say the bird was a finch. Not sure if they are in your neighborhood!

Carol Snow

Looks like a nuthatch to me too. We also feed the birds (and squirels)-haha. We have lots of yellow finchs and woodpeckers. I always love the pictures of the birds you have that we don't see at our house. How in the world are you going to keep the squirels away or do they not live in the wetlands???

Beth Rigden

Love the pictures-but I do not know what the bird is! What a wonderful feeding station! You must have the most popular feeding station in the area!

Carol Parcell

It looks like a white-breasted nuthatch from that angle. Love to see those at my feeders. Love your feeding station, too.

Kelly Wentling

Hi Jaydee! Your bird feeding station is amazing and I love it! We have lots of feeders about the patio and trees but have to share with the squirrels. I love the pic of the grosbeak. For some reason, I only see those once or twice a year and they are so beautiful. I got to watch my hummers last evening fighting over the feeder. I was about 6 feet away and they made my night! I think your pic is a titmouse but it is hard to say with his/her bum in the air to us. lol! Hope you have a great long weekend!!

Sally A. Davis

I look at a lot of blogs everyday but very seldom read them. The exception being yours. I read every word every day and love how you write and am always interested in what you say. Of course, I like your cards too but I find your narative of your life so fun. Your new home and back yard are wonderful. I love the pictues you post and your attention to nature is nothing short of amazing. I appreciate your sharing it with us, your readers. Keep up the good things that you do every day not only for us your readers but also every creature in your realm.


It's a white breasted nuthatch. It could also be a rose breasted one but I can't see the front of it!! They are fun to watch & listen to. They go down the trees head first. I am so jealous to see your others....we do get finches and several kinds of woodpeckers, but I haven't had any grosbeaks, although I know they're in the area. I saw a pileated in my woods, but not ever at my feeder! Have fun with your nature!!!


Look at that feathery little bum all up in the air! And those sweet little legs and feet! What a wonderful photo! (I have NO clue about the bird, but I LOVE the photo!)

And, holy smokes look at the goldfinches! I have a pair that come once in a while, but nothing like that. One of my favorite bird memories is from when I was growing up. We had a flock (I suppose that's what you would call it) of goldfinches at the feeder when a flock (again, I suppose that's right) of indigo buntings came in. Can you imagine the color explosion at the feeder??

I'm sure the wildlife are all *beyond* chuffed you and Lou have taken up residence and are their new neighbors. :o) I can't *wait* to see your landscaping--it's going to be AMAZING! :o)


P.S. Hi Lou! :o)

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