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Settling in

Hi Everyone.  Happy Wednesday.

I don't have a card for you tonight, but I do have some photos :-)

We are finally starting to settle in.  Almost all the boxes are unpacked but I still haven't found my nestabilities!  Mmmm... I KNOW I packed them somewhere safe.   If you are anything like me, safe places are generally the ones that I never find again :-)

Our dining room table has arrived, as has Lou's desk.  No chairs to sit at them with, though!  The dining room table top is SO heavy, that it is still sitting on the ground.  I'm afraid to say, that I am unable to help Lou hoist it on to the legs of the table.  So, we are going to have to try to coerce some nice kind neighbor to come help us.  It's going to look great, though!   Lou's desk is more fabulous than we had expected.   As for the rest of the furniture?  Not arriving anytime soon.  We still feel as though we are on vacation, camping on a mattress in the bedroom with great views!

My crafting room is almost set up.  Everything is neat and tidy and in its place.  I haven't decorated it yet.  I'm thinking that I am going to have some of the photographs that I have taken printed onto canvas and maybe put those up in my craft room.   I'm set in the room except for a small table that I want to put my sewing machine on.  I've been wanting to make the pillowcase dresses - I discussed the need for those in this post.  Now that I have a room, and once I have finished unpacking, I want to actually get some dresses made and sent off.  Have a table with my sewing machine on it, will remove any excuses!

I thought you might like to see some photos of my space

I love the position of my crafting desk.  I have a great view of the wetlands and it's quiet and peaceful under the deck.  The black landscaping silk will be gone this weekend, as the landscapers are coming to plant the native grasses and flowers on Friday!!!   So, excited!


My table has so much light that I don't need to use my crafting light at all.  I love it.  We'll be putting up the curtains this weekend, which will also be great in winter to close in the room and make it feel warm and cosy.  I also have a rug for the room, too.  We decided to treat our basement floor rather than carpet.  I love it in summer because it is so cool on the feet.  It's incredibly easy to clean my crafting floor - and we just love it!

The next pic is my view to the other side - you can see the bar outside the door:-) 


The door on the left is what is usually the walk in closet.  I changed it to an extension to my crafting area.  It's where I'm going to put my sewing machine, and where I have my new Big Shot station!


You can see that I still have a couple of boxes to unpack, so that I can get the table in there!  I'm also going to put some wall cupboards up.  I really like to have a place for everything, and everything in its place.  Especially when I'm crafting.  When I don't have everything away, and in its place, I really get overwhelmed and end up doing little crafting.

Here's the view from my work desk - where I have my iMac and printer.  It's where I do my blog posts.


You may be wondering why on earth I have a bar chair in the corner?   Very good question..... it's for this!


He is my constant companion and is never separated from me for very long.  Even in the bath.  He has to sit on the windowsill and watch over me whilst I bath.  He is fascinated by water and takes the opportunity to run into the shower after Lou has gotten out of it.  He jumps from the edge of the shower onto the seat/shelf in the shower and watches until all the water has finished draining.  He really is absolutely adorable.  In fact, as I type this post, he is in position in his chair, little front legs curled under his chest, eyes closed, all relaxed!

Lou and I managed to do a walk in the neighborhood this evening.  It was fabulous.  It was cool, with a breeze and perfect weather for a stroll.  We decided to do the loop behind us, and take advantage of a short walking trail into the wetland.  It was fabulous to actually get the time to start to enjoy our neighborhood and check out some of the flora and fauna.

We also had great news today.  Pam and John are definitely coming to visit us!  We are so excited that they will be making the trip from the UK to come and spend some time in our new home.  SO excited.  Over the last three and a half decades, the two of them have welcomed me and my two hubbies with open arms.  Err.... no... not the two hubbies at the same time.. that didn't quite sound right :-)  But, you know what I mean:-)  So, it is wonderful not only to have them visit with us, but also to be able to try to reciprocate, in some small way, for all their amazing generosity over the years. 

We will also take this opportunity to plant a tree and raise a new bird house in our garden.  Mom Rose finally succumbed to that insidious disease called cancer.  Lou and I wanted to find a way to honor her amazing spirit and Pam and I agreed that planting an evergreen tree in our area of the wetland would provide housing, food and a warm respite for our avian friends.   In addition, we have purchased a wonderful bird house that will be forever known as Rose's Cottage.  We have the perfect position for the cottage, and the tree.  Before Rose left us, we told her that this is what we would be doing and Pam let us know that she was really pleased.   Losing someone you love is always so difficult.  Rose was a wonderful surrogate mother to me - and an amazing mother to Pam.  She is so sorely missed, but we are really looking forward to using Pam and John's visit to pay homage to a woman who truly loved nature in the best way we know. 

Have a wonderful Thursday.  I hope you have a day filled with laughter and love.  Warm hugs and prayers for those who need a lift tonight.  Special prayers for the family of "T" who last their teenage son so tragically this week.




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May I just tell you how unbelievably happy this post made me? I LOVE your new stamping space. I love the light, the layout, the companion (does he supervise or merely keep you company?), *everything*! It's just perfect. :o)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Pam and John will be visiting. Hooray!! It has to be so hard to have an ocean and part of a continent between you and your dearest friend. How delightful they're coming. :o) I think it is marvelous you will be honoring Mama Rose. I'm sure she'll be smiling on as you do so.

Thank you for your prayer's for T's family. It's such a tragedy and I'm still reeling from it. :o(

I wish you the most wonderful of Thursdays!

P.S. Howdy, Lou! I hope your new space is as marvelous as Jaydee's! :o)


I'm so sorry to read about rose. You had mentioned her in your posts earlier. What a lovely way to honor her.


Hi Jaydee,
I've followed your move to your new home which is so beautiful! I started to read your blog about a year ago & was so inspired with your gentle way & the prayers you'd offer for people, this really impressed me. I loved seeing your cat he is so beautiful! I also have a cat that is so special to me he's rather large he's a Maine Coon & has a wonderful personality. I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your home is & I look forward to seeing more photos and by the way I love your cards! God Bless~

Kelly Wentling

You have a wonderful space to craft Jaydee! All your space and natural light is amazing to me. I love the "kitty chair" as well. It's nice to have a little company, huh. Glad to hear that your friends are coming and your memory tree for Pam's mom. That is so thoughtful of you. I'm sorry to hear about the loss in the family you mentioned. I will lift them up in prayer this week. Your nature walk sounds wonderful. It's fun to discover new things around you. Have a blessed day.


Your new space is great. Love your comments at the end of your post--love & laughter and warm hugs. That was beautiful.

So sorry about the "T" family who lost their son. So so sad.

Doris D.

What a wonderful place for your crafting. I guess that's More Mustard on the walls. Beautiful. Everything in its place is a good mantra. Just wish I could adhere to it all the time. Mine stays a mess but I know where everything is. You are so blessed with your view and surrounding area. Enjoy and keep on doing what you do so well. Thanks for sharing.

Brenda F

What a wonderful space! Sorry to hear about Rose. She has been in my prayers. Miss you tons!


Jaydee - I have really enjoyed your blog - with all the updates on your new home & your creative card posts. I especially loved seeing your creative space and just love how organized you are! It makes me happy! I was wondering where your white furniture came from? It is perfect for your new room! Thanks for the inspiration!

Happy Stamping :)

Ruth Ann

I am so excited for you and Lou! Thank you for your updates and views of the new home and property.
Your cards are so special to me, but your writings I enjoy also, it is like I'm there with you and sharing.
Our furbabies are special little people! Charlie is so cute on his chair.
Pam and the "T" family are in my prayers.
I'm still catching up from not having internet for 3 months. Down from 3500+ to 321!
Thank you for your cards and blog, God bless you and Lou and furbabies. Ruth Ann

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