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30 June 2012


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Michelle W

Gorgeous, Jaydee! I love the look of the embossing on the vellum! I think I'll have to try that. :-) Thanks for joining us at FYI!

Karen (carefree creations)

Oh my that is beautiful! I love the glitter and embossing together! Thanks for joining us at FYI!


I too love your beautiful card! And miss winter. Have had quite enough of this 90's weather! Oh well. Guess I shall dig out my holiday stamps. Wonder if I have any vellum anywhere. Thanks for sharing all your talent and photos. P.S. Love your kitties, but I got a dog a couple of weeks ago! :-)


This is beautiful!!! The embossed vellum looks almost sparkly, too! What I great idea!


Wow!!! I want to make this card!! How talented you are to find the medium for frozen fog!!! Smart!! Creative!!! Absolutely Beautiful, Jaydee!!!


Just gorgeous, Jaydee, I CAN see the inspiration from your photo in your card....just beautiful! That snowflake is amazing, and I love that embossed vellum, too!


Stunning! The vellum looks like the perfect accent to this design! Brilliant!
Looking forward to playing along side with you each week on the PP!

Linda Callahan

Straight out of an ice palace! Beautiful card in every way!

Helen H

Stunning card Jaydee! That background is gorgeous. :)

Anne Marie Hile

Just gorgeous, Jaydee! This is so soft and prety and makes me miss snow! I love the spots of bling and the embossed vellum. The sentiment says it all! I hope you enjoyed your weekend, my friend! Big hugs sent your way! :)

Kelly Wentling

Beautiful, beautiful, just beautiful!!! Your inspiration photo reminds me of the movie Narnia and the frosty scenes with the "white witch". I think you met both challenges very well. Love the embossed vellum look especially with the added sparkle of rhinestones.


Hi Jaydee and All~ sorry I've been AWOL for so long. I've been avoiding the back log of e-mails since coming back from vacation. (Only because that means that I have to admit that it's over for another year) Boy, I missed some great cards and photos! This one is my favorite in the past couple weeks, LOVE LOVE LOVE the embossed velum. Can't wait to try that for myself. You've also made me anxious to play more with the new colors and dsp. I also think the summer starfruit is going to be a big favorite for me, the Gumball green makes my mouth water as well!
All is good here; I've finished PT, my kiddos are home for the summer <3 and my garden is growing beautifully. I've harvested my first peas and have baby green beans, tomatoes, carrots, beets, and brussel sprouts growing bigger each day.
I've enjoyed getting caught up with you, Lou and the fur babies. Thanks again for sharing so much of yourself with us!
Hugs and wishes for a happy week to one and all.


Holy moly! Embossing the vellum was BRILLIANT! That is one gorgeous card, Jaydee. Stunning. Truly stunning. I never would have thought to emboss vellum, but will now have to find some way to do so. :o)

Sometimes the simplest cards are the most elegant. I love this. Love it!

I hope all is well with you, Lou and the kitties. The girls and I have returned home and are now racing through all and sundry that must be done when a vacation is over. Bah.


P.S. Hello Lou!

Beth Rigden

Gorgeous card! I never thought about embossing on vellum. I will have to try that soon!

Ann Schach

Absolutely stunning, Jaydee! I LOVE the embossed vellum!

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