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30 June 2012


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mary fish

i didn't get my grandmother's "tall gene!" LOL. thanks for the sweet memory! hugs, m

Jen Mitchell

So glad to hear your grandmother gave you her humor gene! Sweet memories!

Cindy Hall

Jaydee, what a beautiful memoir of your time with your grandmother. I love reading such special memories, and I enjoy the humor that your grandmother passed on to you!

Jen Timko

Oh what lovely thoughts and memories, Jaydee!! I'd say you won the gene lottery! The others things can change but the sense of humor and wonderful design aesthetic are forever!

Ann Schach

I loved reading about your recollections of your grandmother. And when it comes right down to it...the humour gene trumps the tallness gene :)

Linda Callahan

Oh Jaydee I loved reading about your grandmother! That little poem made me laugh too! How wonderful you have such memories of her - and a legacy from her! I was overwhelmed by this today - my stamping friends are terrific - thank you so much for joining in!

Carol L

I love your heart-warming memories! My grandmother also had her "routine days" of marketing, cleaning, laundry, etc. TFS that wonderful poem too!


How exciting for Linda and her family! New babies are so wonderful! :o)

I LOVED reading about your grandmother. I figure the humor gene is FAR better than a tall gene. ;o)


Kelly Wentling

Ah, so sweet Jaydee. I loved that you shared so much with us about a very special lady. I have the greatest memories of my grandma too. They are forever special!

Anne Marie Hile

What a wonderful post, Jaydee! Love that poem you shared, also. Wow! It is so important to remember these amazing women in our lives. Especaly when we learned so much from them!

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