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14 June 2012


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What a lovely home! What colour is your dining room- adore it!

Ann R

Can I move in with you and Lou? :) Beautiful home!!


I'm loving your pictures...keep them coming! Have a wonderful day!


Whenever you see a mountain ash here in Manitoba, you're sure to hear the cedar waxwings trilling call when the berries ripen. I love their soft velvety-looking feathers. I'll be waiting to hear whether they visit your beautiful new tree.


You know, when I saw that dining room table, I thought about bad kitties standing on it and how utterly adorable their toe pads would be if I were lying on the floor looking up. :oP

It IS utterly gorgeous and I bet it is amazing when it reflects the trees. And, how lovely to not have that beautiful floor hidden by a more solid piece of furniture.

I didn't do a thing to landscape our yard until we'd been here about a year or two. It just made no sense to make any decisions until I got a feel for the sun, shade, etc., just like you mentioned.

I had to chuckle as I was driving behind one of those giant spades just this morning and had wondered where it had been. Your tree is lovely and all those delightful birds are going to be so happy to have it nearby.

The front of your home is just beautiful. All that agonizing was absolutely worth it. :o)

May those stunning sandhills come to visit again soon.


P.S. Howdy Lou! :o)

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