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29 July 2012


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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your card!!! This just may be my favorite one that you have made!! Really ├╝ber cool!!

Beautiful sunrises over your wetland! So pretty in the country!

Did I tell you I LOVE your card? :)

Sally A. Davis

I finally watched the ceremony last night and found it fabulous. I especially loved the scenery of the filds and the paths and loved they used that through out the production. It looks very real to me. The history was interesting and ingenious how they did it. The fireworks were good and the boats on the Themes I liked also. The queen and her dogs were cute. As is your card. Love your homage to your native land with it. Great sayings you folks have! And of course, the sunrise, spectacular. Worth geting up for.

Beth Rigden

I have never heard of that saying! But it sure fits for your British card!
My favorite part-the only part- I saw of the Opening Ceremony was Mr Bean! He was hilarious.
This Friday I get the fly to CA to see my little grandbaby and celebrate my daughter's 30th birthday. For her birthday, I made 30 cards and passed them out for her friends to sign. I am bringing them all wrapped as "30 Wishes from Conneaut". I think she will be surprised!


HRH Queen Elizabeth II certainly is "all that"! What a sense of humour (that extra "u" in there just for you ;oP)! What a good sport! :o) Heck, maybe she just wanted to meet Daniel Craig. He's no George, but he's still a cutie patootie. ;o)

The card is all that is British and I love it! It made me smile to see it. :o)

Your sunrise is utterly spectacular. I'm gobsmacked. Truly. To be blessed with that view every morning is a gift. :o)


P.S. Howdy Lou! :o)

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