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30 July 2012


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You have to be the queen of fussy cutting. I just saw your next post with the single feather as well, and was amazed at the intricacy of your cutting.

I was wondering what you could have done to inspire someone (something?) to give you such a look. Never guessed it would be a bird! What an awesome time you are having with your wildlife. I loved your story, and yep, would have done the same thing.


Absolutely beautiful card - love the use of space, and the colour of the cardstock.

Glad you saved the bird!

Ann Schach

A fabulous post, Jaydee! I so loved your story! And your card is breathtakingly beautiful!

Andrea Ewen

Stunning! Love the textured background and the beautifully colored image. It looks fantastic against the white backdrop! Thanks for playing along with us this week at CASE Study!

Linda Harris

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your card! :-)

One time I heard this horrible screeching near our bird feeder and ran to the window. A mama hawk was teaching her young one how to catch its own dinner. It was standing (trying to stand) on a pitiful little bird and wasn't very successful. I couldn't stand hearing the cries of the little bird, so I ran out and scared off the mama and "teenager" bird; the little bird flew off right away. I was rattled, to say the least! Can't imagine the stare YOU got!

Nancy Baxter

Your card is gorgeous, yet so simple -- simple elegance. I live vicariously through your stories and your new property and house! We have similar nature; I live overlooking the Ohio River with woods on two sides of our rolling hills. Nancy B


Amazing card! I'm struck by the simple elegance and subtle details that are missed at first glance. My CASE file just got bigger!
Enjoyed the bird rescue, I also have a very hard time leaving nature alone in times like that and would have done the same thing, even if it was an annoying red wing blackbird!
Have a happy day One & All

Sally A. Davis

Love the card and love the stories. Your fussy cutting is signature for you. You do a great job. And the hawk story is amazing. Glad you saved the little bird. The hawk will find other food where you don't have to see it. I would not like that either. I think I would have been scared to be that up close and personal with a lion but I am sure it was amazing to be there and have that experience. Thanks for sharing.

Beth Rigden

Rachel is right-stunning is the best word for today's card! The wow factor is there for sure!!

Brenda F

Wow, my dear. What an event! I sometimes have a peregrine falcon perch on my bird feeder and it makes me want to cry out "It's not THAT kind of bird feeder!" Miss you tons!


Beautiful card!


Jaydee, this is STUNNING in its simplicity and elegance. All that fussy cutting was absolutely worth it. This is gorgeous!

What a story! I think I would be hard-pressed to leave nature alone as well. I *know* the predators need to eat, and I accept that. BUT, to have it happen in front of me? On my deck? That would be tough. I don't blame you one bit and cannot imagine how chilling it would be to have that hawk give me that look. Wow.

Your story about the lionesses was incredible--what a moment! What an experience! :o)

Hugs to you!

P.S Hugs to you too, Lou! :o)

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