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24 July 2012


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Oohhhh. I like your card. I really like the colors too. Colors I wouldn't have thought of using.

I did see that set in the catty but I didn't know what I would do with it, like someone else mentioned. I know what you mean though by missing sets in the catty you have looked through a million times!! Makes me wonder where I was all those millions of times. :)

I like the turtle too. When my daughter was little she had a turtle. She named it Climb because it was climbing in her doll house. :). Then we moved so I could go to college and we couldn't have pets in student housing. My brother took Climb. :) Now my daughter is 23, married, and lives in Arkansas. Too far away for me, but it'll be fun to visit! Oh how time flies! I wish she was 2 again. :). How I digress, hey? :)

Well, I hope you get wonderful sleep tonight in your new bed!!

Take Care,



Yep, I missed that set as well. I love what you've done with it and that color combo...you have such a gift, thank you for sharing that with us. (I would have gone jewel tones and ended up frustrated)
Your new friend made me smile, and then giggle as every turtle makes me think of Lou and cashmere caper!
Congrats on you new real bed and other furniture, I am anxiously awaiting photos.
Happy Hump Day one & all--Rach happy to hear that recovery is moving along.

Sally A. Davis

I did see this set in the catalog and wondered would I would do with it. I love feathers and all things nature but this set seemed like it might be had to work with. Now you have given me a great idea so I may have to reconsider ordering it. Also, love the turtle picture. I swear if I lived at your house I would never get anything done because I would always be looking outside to see what I could see. Glad your furniture is arriving slow but sure. It just stretches the fun and excitement out for a longer time.


Somehow I completely missed that stamp set. Hm. It does indeed make a lovely card. :o) I do so love Daffodil Delight and black and grey as a combo. And, you sure have gotten some excellent mileage out of MDS! I swear, you make me want to add *that* to my wish list too. ;o)

No worries about my foot, it's elevated. If it's down for too long it starts to throb and my piggies swell, and well, that's just not fun. I can in fact wiggle them all and have to force myself NOT to wiggle them too much. :oP I can tell I'm going to have quite a bit of tightness in my arch and the top of my foot from the ligament repair, but it's all going to be worth it to have the ankles of a 15 year old. ;o)

A real bed? Really? How exciting!! :o) Isn't it interesting how you can differentiate between your wetlands birds and your woodlands birds? I know I can.

Your turtle is utterly delightful! :o)


P.S. Hiya Lou! :o)

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