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09 July 2012


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Hey Jaydee! Thanks for linking this up to the Thank You Challenge for Stamp It! Cards Week in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)

Susan Z

We had a strangely behaving woodpecker at our feeder the past two years, too! He would continuously fly into our window despite me putting 1. a large picture of a face 2. a poster of a BIG dog, 3. yellow caution tape all over the window. It would go on for hours and he wouldn't stop! Finally we put large snowflake decals on the outside of the window and that did the trick. We have left the decals up since he did return two years in a row and they continue to do the trick.


You had me giggling inwardly about your crazy mixed-up birds, but when I got to the woodpeckers drinking the hummingbirds' sugar water, I LOL'd! I've never seen thistle seed served up in a bag. Ingenious.


JayDee thank you for your butterfly cards they are so beautiful. we did'nt get to stamp air conditioning broke down.maybe next time. the sunrise! all is right with the world.


Such a pretty butterfly card, so soft with the vellum. What a gorgeous sunrise! So nice that the kitties can enjoy it also.

Our birds are loving the nyger this year. They're really going thru it now that I bought them the nyger & chips. The chickadees are really going nuts for it as well as more of the finches. We have a metal feeder that any of the bids that can hang can use. Don't go thru quite as much as we did when we had the sock.

I'd also highly recommend getting Mrs Goldfinch a cotton bag. Also picked that up at the Wild Bird Store. So fun to watch her come & gather bedding for her nest. Often Mr Goldfinch can be seen waiting for her. So sweet of him!

Thanks for sharing so many great pictures with us!


Jaydee, I'm now convinced that you can make any butterfly look FABULOUS! Seriously, I can't think of a single butterfly card that you've made that I haven't fallen in love with and added to my CASE list.
Thanks for sharing the beautiful sunrise with us--so happy to see there are no drapes on the windows to cover that amazing view. If there were any way that I could preserve my modesty and save my neighbors disgust we wouldn't have drapes or shades either!
Have a happy day One & All.

Kelly Wentling

Hi Jaydee! Love your pretty butterfly card. It's so cheery! Your morning view is spectacular and I would have gone downstairs to grab my camera as well. ; ) Maybe the heat is getting to the birds causing them to do strange things? I have a picture of a squirrel drapped in between the branch of our tree. I thought he was dead and had to take a second look. The heat has been extreme and the poor little thing was trying to rest. If I get my blog up and running soon, I'll share that one. Hope you week is wonderful!

Sally A. Davis

I am glad you did not miss that beautiful sunrise. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Linda Callahan

This is so pretty! I love the soft look vellum gives over your butterflies! And your morning view is just gorgeous!

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