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25 July 2012


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Anne Marie Hile

That is one super sweet cupcake creation, Jaydee! The colors are o fun and those pretty pearls are a beautiful touch. Little Gilberta is SO cute! How funny that she just picked the raisins out of the bread. Smart little lady! I hope your furniture was delivered without further complication. Although, from the sounds of it it sounds doubtful that might be the case. :( Hugs!

Beth Rigden

The card is wonderful-but it is not your usual style and no offense-but I like your usual style better! But there is a lot to look at on today's card!
The pictures of Gilberta are so funny and adorable! Picking out the raisins-smart little cookie!
Hope your furniture arrives safely and soon!


I like the card, Jaydee, but it's *definitely* not your usual CAS style. :oP

I'm so glad the bed is perfect! We went mattress shopping two years ago and it was just like you said, a real Goldilocks experience. By the time the new mattress arrived, I was afraid we might have picked the wrong one because I was on mattress overload. :oS It worked out to be perfect, but my goodness...

Oh your groundhog. Oh, she's ADORABLE! I've never seen one sit quite like she is in that last photo, but I LOVE it! She brought such a smile to my face with her cuteness and ingenuity. :o)

I'm still elevating the frankenankle (see what I meant about a doozie of a scar??) but Lissie has to go home today so I'm wondering how long that's going to last...


P.S. Hola Lou! :o)


I love your card and I enjoy the variety of your posts, it's just hard to find the time to read and comment so I usually just read and run.

Kelly Wentling

Hi Jaydee! I like your card, layers and all. The dsp is pretty and the pearls on the cupcake are a special treat! Gilberta is so cute. You know, she sits like my yellow lab. It's the funniest thing, as he weighs 97 pounds with his legs out front just like hers. She is smart to pick out the fruit. I would have thought she would have eaten the entire thing. Oh, wishing you luck with your delivery Thursday. I'm glad to hear you are keeping a sense of humor about it all. It must be frustrating to say the least. The four kitties on your new mattress sounds so cozy. Guess they give their approval, huh. ; )

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