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28 July 2012


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I loved seeing the Queen and the Corgies, Mr. Bean, Beckham, and Kenneth Branagh-a personal favorite- and all the other amazing people. It was a total feast for the eyes!
Thanx for sharing your terrific cards, Jaydee. Summer Starfruit is so happy! I check in every day to see what you have created, and to see what has come up out of the wetland ;)


What a fun card Jaydee! I know just what you mean about cards taking forever. My rate of productivity is 1 per every 2 maybe 2 1/2 hours. Not too quick. I can just never decide on anything. Oh well.

We did catch the opening ceremonies. Missed some of it though, so will need to go back & catch up. Loved what we saw though. We usually try to catch the swimming & gymnastics. Enjoy watching the diving also though.

Nance Leedy (Canopy Crafts)

Hi Jaydee! Your card is absolutely stunning. I, too, am a huge fan of summer starfruit--it pairs so well with so many colors. Love how your dsp rosette pops and the textured panel is fabulous. Great job! ((hugs))

Linda McCullough

I loved it all!! I love watching the Olympics from the beginning to the end!! NO reruns!! Biking, Swimming, Gymnastics, ect!! I love watching the world all together and having fun at what they do best!


I didn't get the opportunity to watch The opening of the Olympics, although I was really looking forward to it. :(. I am a part Brittish and was really excited about it. But, Things happen. :(

On the brighter side,I like your card!! You always have good ideas.

What is happening in the wetlands?

Take Care.

Helen H

Wow, this is an awesome design Jaydee! Love these colours (can't wait to get hold of them) & the butterfly/rosette embellie is fabulous! :)

Amy White

Fabulously cheerful card Jaydee! That vellum strip looks great over the embossed panel and the butterfly on the rosette is a great focal point.

I watched the opening ceremony - thought the Olympic rings being united in the air was spectacular - and the torch design was genius! Shrieked with laughter at the Mr Bean bit - so my sense of humour!!

Pat P.

Watched the whole opening ceremonies and to many fabulous things to pick just one, but liked the queen jumping out of the helicopter.

Pam Carter

Your cards are always CAS and I have Cased several. Opening was wonderful, I too enjoy the parade and watching their faces light up. And to see all the countries. Never heard of several. Would love to see more of the inside of house. Enjoy the outside pics because we too live out in the woodlands. Would like to see dining table and chairs since I voted for the wrong ones. Thanks


Your card is awesome, faavorite part for us was the forging of the ring as my DH was a Margaret BOILERMAKER so it was a great part to watch for him.

Doris D.

Beautiful card. I too thought Rowen Atkinson stole the show during that segment. Too funny. The forging of the ring was my favorite of all, how they started with a stream and ended with the rings. Outstanding. This has made me homesick for England. No, I am not English, but having traveled there twice I miss all the beautiful scenery and the people. Hope I can go back one day.

Nancy Baxter

If we could all just merge together in wonderful harmony like the Olympic spirit! I believe art brings people to such a place. That's what I love about stamping. I enjoy your blog so much. I agree that I would love a whole pack (maybe two) of paper with the dark background and bright butterflies! (One of my favorite papers ever.) I can't wait to emulate what you did on this card. I like to watch most of the sports, but fencing is fun. Nancy B

Anne Marie Hile

Hello there, Jaydee! How have you been? I feel like it has been a while since I have been by to visit. Your card is gorgeous, as always! Summer Starfruit is quickly becoming one of my favorite colors and I just love that simple pop of pattern behind the butterfly. Beautiful!

I did not watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies...yet! I have it on my dvr though and need to play some serious catch up. I figure I will have a lot of time later this week with my upcoming surgery on both feet. Yikes! Hope you have a great day, friend! Hugs! :)


What a fun way to create a card! I was thinking it fit the diagonal from top right to bottom left as well. :o) Yellow makes such a lovely, cheerful card!

OH, the opening ceremonies were WONDERFUL! This anglophile really had an appreciation for all that it was. They were definitely quintessentially British. :o) (I think living with Paul for so many years really helped me "get it" more than I might have otherwise.)

First off, how could you not know St. Pepper's?!? Even *I* knew that one. ;o) My favorite bits? I think nearly wetting my pants at Rowen Atkinson was right up there. The Queen jumping from the helicopter (who knew she had such a great sense of humor?) ranks right up there. The forging of the ring, the lighting of the cauldron (those flowers to a cauldron were so stunning!), and oh, drat, all of it.

I love watching everyone come together and see the joy and excitement on their faces as they enter. I especially love the small delegations for whom you know this is SUCH a big deal. You're reminded that we're all human and we are all trying our best to live our lives within the conditions within our countries. I felt for the Syrians in particular and thought they must be enjoying the break from all the political turmoil and strife. :o(

I'll also say this (and I said it long before Bob Costas did) they were bookin' it through the parade of nations! I've never seen them come in so quickly!!

I thought is was all magical and wonderful and my kudos to Danny Boyle. :o)


P.S. Hiya Lou! :o)

Sally A. Davis

I want a whole pack of paper with those butterflies on it! I haven't watched the ceremony yet. Have it recorded and wondered if I wanted to spend the time to watch so thanks for the great review and now I will take the time!

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