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01 August 2012


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Sally A. Davis

When my daughter comes up to visit, she always tells me she hears an owl in the small woods behind my condo. My hearing is not so good so most of the time I don't hear it. But the other night I could not sleep and so got up and was on my computer when I head it loud and clear. No sighting though. Owls are such interesting birds. And, your card is not horrible by the way. However, I do agree, that 3 flowers would be better. And I try to remember that rule also when doing my crafting.


I do always try to stick with the rule of threes (or thirds) when I'm stamping. This card has some very lovely elements, though. The colors are soft and beautiful, and I really like those rounded corners. Now, if only that cheerleader wasn't hiding in that vase...;o) Seriously, this isn't an awful card by any stretch of the imagination. I chuckle because your "bad" cards seem so much better than some of my best efforts some days. :o)

Oh that owl story is amazing. How stunning to have him sail by you like that. I loved the page you shared and the girls and I have been playing with the calls. Lil--as you might imagine--is in heaven. :o)


P.S. Hi Lou! :o)

Kelly Wentling

Hi Jaydee! Good lesson for us to take from on your rule of three. If your card just had one more flower a little higher, it would be perfect. I love your owl story! Oh, how spooky and exciting! They are such beautiful birds. We have a pair in our 150 acre park down the street. I haven't gotten to see them yet, but my neighbors have. I have only heard the "who cooks for you" call about 4 times in a row while out on a run. I always look up to see if they are watching me though. Your information page with the calls was wonderful and a site I will give some more attention to. I was playing the call and my husband asked why I was listening to a monkey! That is a lot of noise. Such a blessing to be in your area and get to see all the lovely creatures right out your windows. I think that is so cool!

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