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22 October 2012


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Cam, your cards are WONDERFUL!! :o)

Lou, you are my hero. Truly. Well done.

Jaydee, that fox is divine! My mom has a family of foxes that live somewhere behind her house, and early in the morning we can see them running through her backyard--this summer, it was mom, dad, and three kits. SO sweet! :o)

You asked about my camera on my last post, it's a Nikon D40. :o)


Kelly Wentling

Cam, what a lovely card collection! They are beautiful. Blessings to you for helping out our troops.

Jaydee, thank you so much for sharing with us. I know this takes a huge amount of time and I appreciate it greatly. Your fox is sly...almost thought he wouldn't get caught on camera, eh! What a beautiful animal. Will look forward to your closeup someday. Good for Lou looking out for the critters! Hope you both have a wonderful Tuesday.

Doris D.

Cam's cards are so beautiful and photographed well by you, Jaydee. She had such a variety of cards that I know will be appreciated. Such a good job. Thanks.

Sally A. Davis

Wow, a fox. That is awesome!!! Glad you did the zoom as I could not pick it up before that.
And Cam's cards are awesome too. A very nice assortment. People will be happy to receive one of those for sure.

Marge Penley

Yea for Lou! Anytime we can help wild life is a good time. Marge


Great cards Cam...I know I will be "stealing" some of your ideas. And thanks for your efforts in helping out with Jaydee's card drive.


Cam, your cards are beautiful...some I will have to make. Thanks for helping with OWH.
Jaydee, the pictures were wonderful on my Mac. The slide show was great. Thanks for taking the time to showcase Cam's beautiful cards.

Have a great day!

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