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23 November 2012


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Way to go, girlie! I am very proud of you to make it to 1,000! One of my life's little pleasures is going to your blog and see what is visiting your feeders each day. Here in Indiana, I am seeing feisty blue jays (mostly), and NO SNOW whatsoever!


WOW, 1,000 cards....congrats to YOU:) Luckily my son-in-law in MN put up some lights Thanksgiving morning when it was in the 60's. By the time their family/guests were leaving in late afternoon it was sleet and some snow. Does make the trees/lights look beautiful:)

Kelly Wentling

Hi Jaydee! Your porch looks so pretty, especially with the fallen snow! Lou did a wonderful job. And wow, 1000 cards. That's so amazing!! You are a very kind person to donate so much of your time and talents to this wonderful cause. I'm sorry to say, that I won't make my promise this year to help with this one. We've had lots of sickness in my family and my time got away from me. I appologize Jaydee. Blessings to you!

Sally A. Davis

The picture of the lighted tree is postcard perfect! Gets me in the mood! And congrats on the 1000 cards. Hopefully one of these times you do these projects, I will be able to participate. You are the best!

Doris D.

1000 cards. What an accomplishment. And your tree in the snow is magical. Thanks for sharing the snow pictures. It is 40 here in VA but no snow on the horizon.


Well, now I'm insanely jealous! :o) How lovely does that tree look with the snow? Ahhhh. :o)

We're off to decorate this morning. I'm SO excited!

Congrats on the 1000 cards, that's INCREDIBLE!


P.S. Hi Lou!

Pam Carter

Congrats on making it to one thousand cards!!!! I'm sure the group receiving the cards will be more grateful. Now you should have time to decorate your home and grounds. Have a good weekend. Pam

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