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27 November 2012


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HOLY SMOKES!!! I can't believe all the cards! I'm going to hang on to the pile I have and get them shipped to you for the next go 'round. Drat it all...

Your front porch is just lovely! Lou did a bang up job on it, and I love those jars! :o) Ah, holiday decorating makes me so happy. :o)


P.S. Hiya Lou!

Beverly Becraft Blair

Hi, Hey I got your email and I will respond..thanks! WOW you have been busy!!!!
Love the picture of the front door!
Awesome on the cards, I haven't even been making any, don't have the time and Christmas is here ... ugh I need a maid, gardener and some one that wants to play in my scrapping room! lol :)

Judi Harms

Wow, what a few women can accomplish, You did a great job getting it all together. So glad I could contribute. I love your home and yard pictures. Am I the Judi that won the Umbrella, I know you had two with the same name?

Marge Penley

Your Christmas decorations on your porch are too lovely for words. Marge


Hi Jaydee,

You are amazing...the work, time and money you put into your card drives is no small effort. We get to do the fun part of making cards! I so enjoy being a part of the drives that hopefully help bring a smile to the faces of many. Thanks for the stamp I won...very appreciated.

Sally A. Davis

Great job everyone that participated in the card drive. And special thanks to Jaydee for all of your work in organizing and finalizing this project. Plus, the porch is beautiful. Thanks for sharing that also.

Marilyn W.

Hi Jaydee,
Wow! What a great project that turned out to be so fantastic. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. Your home is absolutely beautiful. I do not have your email address to contact you so would you please send it to me? Thanks for all the prizes for us. They are awesome. You are a super lady.


Hi Jaydeee,
ONE THOUSAND AND TWENTY FIVE cards!!!! That is an ONE THOUSAND AND TWENTY FIVE AWESOME number. I am glad to be a part of this carddrive. The hard work is definitely from your part to organize and package them. That's ONE THOUSAND AND TWENTY FIVE cards to package. It's all fun for me to be creative.
Your porch is so beautiful...the trees, the mason jars, such a beauty. All you need now is some white flakes falling onto the ground which you already had last week.


Jaydee, thank you for starting this card drive and especially for all your hard work to see that it's a first-class delivery. It was an honor to be a small part of it. And your porch is beautiful--the mason jars are perfect!

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