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11 February 2013


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Kelly W.

Oh Jaydee, cool technique. I am really enjoying this chalk and blackboard look. It works well with this stamp set and I can't wait to see what else you create with it. Hmm, my guess for your clothes would be black. Crumb cake comes to mind, but I'll say black. How fun to read these comments!

Missy Smith

Hi Jaydee! This card does like street art/graffiti! I love it! I haven't tried the chalkboard technique but I want to! So, maybe I will try this! The color in your closet would be blue or black. I can see you in both colors!

Janice J

Love your pictures. Your card is very pretty but simple.
I'm going to guess the color of your wardrobe is blue in all different shades.


Wow, I'm mentioned in this famous blog! Am smiling widely! These snow pictures are just wonderful. Love, love. You should sell them or enter them in photography competitions.
I choose light blue for your go-to color - like the color of the sky. Just a wild guess.

Stef Perry

What a clever idea to make your sentiment like a bit of "street art". I love how you dusted up the "bricks" with your embossing buddy, that is a great effect.

Congratulations on your 1000th blog post, Jaydee! Your blog is a nice place to visit - your designs are beautiful and your warmth is so welcoming. TFS!

Sally Davis

I am trying to come up with a chalkboard card for stamp club this weekend. I don't have this folder so maybe I will try a different one. I liked this idea so hopefully something will work out! My pick for your wardrobe is teal/turquoise. And the pictues again are awesome. So peaceful and quiet. I would never get anything done if I lived in your house. I would always be looking out the window. Perhaps that comes from working in a court house basement office with no windows for 28 years!

Carol Parcell

Cool card! I just tried the chalkboard technique yesterday.

I'm going to guess your color is blue. Was going to say green which is my predominant color but for some reason I just want to say blue!


The chalkboard cards are really becoming popular.
I like the simplicity of your card.

Gosh,I think I will go with the blue; blueish/green for choice of colors for you. Either that or the neutral colors in the tans, browns catagory.
Enjoyed see your snow pictures; something that we really don't get much of here in Texas in my territory.
Have a great day and a better day tomorrow.


I love all the pictures, but the one of the grasses laden with snow is really lovely. Thanks for sharing your pigeons, too.
I'm going to go with brown for the colour choice. I think I'm basing that on some of the paint you've chosen to use in your lovely new house. (Having said that, the blue/green of the blouse in your profile pic looks great with your blonde hair.)


What a FUN card! I think you absolutely captured the essence of "street art" and a chalkboard! :o)

The snow is delightful (unless you're one of the pigeons out there in it...), thank you bunches for sharing since I'm fairly certain I've seen the last of mine for the year. :sigh:

The predominant color in your closet? I'm going to have to go with black. I don't know why, but there it is. It's the first thought that popped in my head... ;o)


P.S. Howdy, Lou! I hope you got all that painting done--you dear dear man! I think Brien might have tossed all his painting gear by this point. ;o) Aw, heck, who am I kidding? *I'm* the painter in our house. ;o)

Darlene L

Thanks for the snow pics. We have been very limited with snowfall for the 2nd year in a row here in Southern Il. I see birds again too. My color choice for you would be blue.

Pam Carter

You did some techniques that I have not used before. Did not know about diffusers. That is really cool. Love the blackboard look but have not tried it yet also using a white pencil. Good ideas. I would say your colors are beige, mainly light colors.


Love the snow. It's so pretty. And the chalkboard technique, I haven't try it yet and would love to see a video on it...it looks so real.
The color in your wardrobe would have to be cherry cobbler (or some dark reddish tone). It would be interesting to see what others would say...

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