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25 February 2013


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Stef Perry

I love your cute bunnie card, lounging in the grass under those nice fluffy white clouds. Very fun!

Your emu, now she's looking like the sassy sort, so how about a Bette Davis quote "I'd luv to kiss ya, but I just washed my hair". It was fun trying to think of something!


Hi there! My suggestion for the alternative sentiment is: Really?



as I tell my daughter, sometimes the message is all in how you say it.

Mindy Backes

Ok, this is seriously cute and I love those bunnies! Great idea for this color challenge! Thanks for playing at Fab Fri!

Amanda Mertz

I am loving these bunnies! How cute to make them peeking through the grass! Well done. And I feel your pain with the construction next door. Our neighborhood has been a construction zone for the last year and with one lot left to build we are all ready for it to be over and our quiet neighborhood returned to normal! I hope your construction guys are more considerate than ours have been LOL! Thanks for sharing with us at Fab Friday!


cute Hoppy Easter card. Your bunnies are adorable.

Hope we're allowed to enter more then 1 sentiment in our comment cause I do have a couple I would like to add.
'Here's looking at you kid'.
'I gotta get a new barder'.
'Define Cute'
'Very interesting point you have; Step closer and lets discuss it further.'
'What do you mean you're getting a cheetah!'


Hi Jaydee:
Ok - I have 3 different sentiments for your awesome Emu stamp:

A Little Get-Well Poem From Me -
Work on getting well, don't you ever quit, or I'll be there in person
To give you lots of ...
(then on the inside of the card)
(what did you think I was gonna say?)

On the inside of the card:
See, there are things more frightening than having another Birthday!

On the inside of the card:
Sometimes, you just don't feel like yourself!
Get Well Soon

I found all of these sentiments from cards at Target. Our neighborhood has a once a month birthday lunch or dinner and we all bring funny cards! It's great fun to take home 15-20 cards and reread them!

I really enjoy your blog! Also, I have a granddaughter named Jadie! Her parents are both pilots and she was named after a control tower in Oklahoma!


Such sweet and adorable bunns, Jaydee! Those colors DO cry out "SPRING!". What a fun, delightfully spring-y card! :o)

Oh dear. I hope your little friend is okay. He's seems a skittish baby so I'm thinking you may be right about the digging disturbing him. Poor little thing. And, may I say, great googly mooglies that's one heck of a house!! I'm sorry your peace will be disrupted for a while. That's really stinky.

Have a great Tuesday!

P.S. Hi Lou! :o)

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