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12 February 2013


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Kelly W.

Jaydee,I love this card of yours! The colors are just dreamy and that umbrella with the paper piecing is fantastic.

I wouldn't have known who to guess in the shoe catagory as that isn't my thing. It sure is fun to read the responses and your answer however! Also, I forgot to comment on your snow pics the other day. Those were really pretty.

Hope you had a very nice Valentine's Day!!

Pam Carter

I have taken the time to think about your shoe questions and I'm really drawing a blank. I'm thinking over 200 but then if they are real expensive maybe 145 and designer Jimmy Choo, those with the red soles. As always I love your card. First time I've really seen than DSP used.


I love this card you made! I plan on doing a card like this for my grand kids they'll get a kick out it I hope. I look at your blog every night if it's up before I go to bed & if it's not then I look in the morning. I enjoy your blog Jaydee!


I just ordered that paper--and a WHOLE bunch of other goodies as well. I can't wait to play with it--your card makes me want it RIGHT NOW! It's such a cheerful card, Jaydee. :o)

Shoes? Oh, about 50 or so pairs. ;o) I saw that shelving your honey put in for you. :oP Designer? Manolo Blahnik. :o)

I LOVE gorgeous shoes but own none. Drat my fat, flat feet. :sigh: I'll let you ladies with the beautiful feet wear them for me. ;o)


P.S. Hi Lou! :o)


I also think your favorite shoe designer is Manolo Blahnik and I bet you have 100 pairs, probably not all from him, though. Tee hee


Beautiful card, and everything seems to go/fit together. Shoes, my gosh, guessing it's 55 and shoe designer is manolo blahnik.

Missy Smith

Hi Jaydee! Love this card! It's so adorable! My guesses are: 107 pair of shoes and the designer is Ferragamo. The way I came up with 107 is because my favorite number is 10 and my daughter's is 7. Hence, the number 107 LOL. Thanks for sharing your awesome talent with us and for the chance to win an awesome giveaway!


I will say...........36 pairs of shoes and designer; Manolo Blahnik


I'm guessin 125 pairs of shoes...and I LOVE all of your beautiful card designs :)

Beverly Becraft Blair

Hello, I am going to say about 101 pair of shoes. As far as the designer, well since you mentioned Sex in The City, it has to be Salvatore Ferragamo! Hey lady I sure hope you get this. I need your new current address, please. Thanks! : )

Kathy brown

I say 28 pairs. Shoe designer is Manolo Blahnik. I remember they were very expensive which is why i'm guessing under 30.


Darlene L

This is fun--although I am sure my guesses are way off. I will go with 85 pairs of shoes and Ferragamo as the shoe designer. He has very nice leather shoes that fits and feels like a glove.

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