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In the meadow.....

Wild thing, you make my heart sing...

Hi Everyone.  Happy Valentine's day.  Sorry about the ear worm!  But I couldn't resist this blog title  and you'll understand when you see my card for tonight.

Before we get to the card, let's get to dishing out a little blog candy.   Thank you to those of you who played along in the "guess how many shoes" and "who is my favorite shoe designer" challenge.  You can see the guesses and post right here.

Well, I promised that the first person who guessed my favorite designer would get one of the fabulous Stampin' Up! card holders.  The first person to guess correctly was


My favorite shoe designer is, indeedy, yes, siree... Mr Manolo Blahnik.  Oh.... I remember my first pair of Manolo's.  I bought them on sale - clearance rack - when we lived in California.  They were like putting on slippers, even though they had a high heel.   I still have those shoes and still wear them and that was almost 20 years ago! 

Now... Pam guess Jimmy Choo.... another of my favorite designers...... but not my utmost favorite.  Beverly, Darlene and Missy all guessed Salvatore Ferragamo.  Sadly, most Italian shoe designers create beautiful shoes... but made for much narrower feet than my tugboats!  So, congratulations, Kathy!

Now, I also promised a card holder for the person who correctly guessed the number of shoes I own... sadly, not all designer... and not all Manolo!!!!   I said that I would take a guess within 5.  Well, this person not only correctly guessed my favorite designer, but also guessed WITHIN 1 PAIR the exact number of shoes I own.   Even I didn't know how many I had, so I had to go count them.  The number is 54!   Who was the person who won the second card holder?


Congratulations to both Kathy and Cam and thank you to all of you who played along with the fun.  Kathy and Cam, please can you click the "email me" link under my blog picture on the right side bar and send me your physical addresses, please.  Then, I will get your goodies sent off to you.

Now, on to my card for tonight.  Some of you may remember my post where I told you about my darling hubby driving by a craft shop when he was visiting Oz and how he went in a bought me a couple of stamps?  It seemed only fitting that I should make his valentine's day card with one of those stamps.

Happy Valentine's day, Lou!

Wildthing (1)

Happy Valentine's everyone.  I hope you had a wonderful day.  I'll be back tomorrow with another card and a little more blog candy.

Don't forget, to be eligible for the big blog candy draw on Sunday, all you need to do is leave me a message!





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Love your wild thing card - wonderful stamp ! Actually it is HYSTERICAL !!!
Thanks for sharing - you made my day for sure!

Darlene L

Thanks for the smile--just love that valentine and saying. Wild Thing was such a great song back in the day. I'm singing it now.


Great card - perfect for today!

Kelly W.

I love it Jaydee! Those eyes tell the whole story. This stamp would make a great boy card for one of your drives. I don't know what it is, but something reminds me of Dr. Suess when I see this expression on your stamp. Hmm. Lou's a great guy to buy you stamps! True love~

Pam Carter

At least I was close on the designer. Love your Wild Thing. I would never think to buy a stamp like that but I should. It would make someone smile.


Congratulations to Kathy and Cam on the win. Way 2 go ladies.
LOL. Oh, I love your Wild Thing card. It put a smile on my face first thing this morning.
Now I will be thinking of that song as well as the movie all day today.
Nice of your hubby to buy you such cute stamps. He done good.
Have a great day and a better day tomorrow and may you also have one Fantastic weekend

Doris D.

Love, love, love this card. Looks like something I would make for my husband. LOL

Sally Davis

This is funny. I don't know why, but it is. Love it.


Haha! Fabulous image and fun card!

Congrats to the winners--Yay! I was spot on on the shoes. :o)


Missy Smith

Love this card Jaydee! Congratulations to all the winners!

Vicki B

This card really made me laugh. What a funny image but great sentiment with it.

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