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Hi Everyone.  Happy Tuesday.

As I said in my post last night, I've been watching the new classroom videos from Jennifer McGuire.  The topic is his and hers cards.  Taking elements of a card and making a masculine version and a feminine version.  Tonight I am showing you three versions of the feminine card.  I'll be back later in the week with the masculine version.

I knew that I wanted to use the new Mosaic Madness set.  It has very feminine lines and has mix and match shapes.  I decided to create a card using Crisp Cantaloupe (a real salmony pink) and pair that with Pistachio Pudding and the 5th In Color "Baked Brown Sugar".  (I really do love the freshness of these In Colors!)  I created a simple version and decided it needed a little something.   I added some glitter and it came out like this.

Mosaic madness3 (2)

Sorry, but the glitter is really hard to capture!  So, here's a closeup for you

Mosaic madness cas closeup (1)

The glitter is really makes it more feminine and adds a pretty touch. 

However, I decided it wasn't quite right, and needed a little something extra, so I brought out my bling.

Mosaic madness3a (1)

That is better... just the addition of the pearls and rhinestones added more feminine appeal to the card.  I mean, who doesn't like a little bling?

Then, I thought...mmmm... how about I move those rhinestones and pearls around and try something different....

Mosaic madness3a

After I  had done all of that, I couldn't make up my mind which I liked best!   So, I am going to ask you.   Which do you prefer and why?  I'd love to hear from you.  I asked Lou but he said he liked them all!  So, I'd really appreciate it if you left me a message and let me know what you think.

On a personal note:

Whilst I was cooking the other night, Charlie was taking a nap.  He's generally never far from my side.  Whilst I work he sits on the chair in my office.  Which is great, except he turned over and fell out of the chair whilst I was on a call this morning.   Thump!  Poor thing, he picked himself up off the floor and looked around to see who had pushed him from the chair.  I think he was a little embarrassed!   As I write this blog post, he is curled up fast asleep on top of the cat climber that has become a permanent fixture in my craft room.    When I'm upstairs cooking - this is his favorite spot



Is he comfortable, or what?  He's made the cushion into a perfect hammock.  I have to go and beat the creases out of the cushion every morning, though!   It pains me to think about someone dumping him in the middle of the corn fields.   He was very lucky that Lou found him.  As for us, well, we are so glad that we decided to keep him.

Talking about dumping.... it reminds me of a story I read on NBC news yesterday.  I'm not sure if any of you caught this story.  If any of you have read the book by Temple Grandin called "Animals in Translation" you will appreciate this story even more.   If you have an autistic child, or know someone with an autistic child, you will also appreciate this story.    If you are a dog lover, you will appreciate this story.   Go check it out.....Xena the warrior puppy.  Once you have read the story and seen those photos of that poor puppy, I think you will understand why I want to catch the person that dumped her.  I know exactly what I want to do to that person.    It's a wonderful story, though.

As always, thank you for visiting my little area of the stamping blogosphere.  Warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight.



Card recipe:  All ingredients Stampin' Up! unless otherwise noted:

  • Card stock:  Very Vanilla, Crisp Cantaloupe, Pistachio Pudding
  • Inks:  Baked Brown Sugar, Pistachio Pudding, Crisp Cantaloupe
  • Stamp:  Mosaic Madness.   I stamped the images multiple times using my Stamp-a-majig.  Sentiment:  Papertrey
  • Tools:  Stamp-a-majig.   Glitter.


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Pam Carter

I like the second one best. They are all beautiful but the second one appeals to me more. Love love Charlie. I can just see him looking around wondering who did that to him. Animals are such a wonder. I can't imagine not having one in my life. Thanks for the giggle.


I love the colors you chose...can't wait to start working with them. It was so hard to choose which was my favorite, because they are all beautiful cards. But if I had to choose, I think I like the one with just glitter...tfs.


Hi Jaydee!

I wonder why I receive your cards "next day" . . . today is Wednesday here . . . unless you post them late at night and with the six hours difference then . . . there is my answer.

Both cards so feminine . . . wished I had all that material. I liked the one with the bings separate from the mosaic . . . more original.

Much love . . . you are in my prayers.

Marina from far Africa!

Kelly W.

Good morning Jaydee! It's been forever since I've visited and I appologize. Life is just crazy right now. It will slow back down shortly so bare with me please. I love your pretty cards here. The first and last are my favorites. The glitter one is just classic. The last one is more unique. I can't help but think of the eighties when I see the new colors here. Maybe not the brown, but surely the other two. How different is the pistashio from mint melody from years past? This set looks amazing and I'm happy to see the pretty pattern! Oh Charlie has the BEST life! Love all his pictures. He looks so comfy. I'm sure he was surprised when he fell off his chair. Poor thing! I will take a look at your story later today. Thanks for sharing with us. I've missed being here.

Carol Parcell

Beautiful card, Jaydee! Love you clean and simple style. And these new in colors....I think I am going to love them. Can't wait to get mine. Thanks!


Ok, All 3 are just lovely cards which makes hard to choose favorite, but my choice...........I like the first one;glitter only. Sometimes less is best.
Poor, poor Charlie falling the way he did. He's such a pretty cat. Sure does look very comfy on your sofa. :}

Right now I am caring for a 6-8 week old kitty;(mother no where to be found) also black and white but mostly black with some white.
The Animal Shelter in our county wouldn't take kittens and me being a animal lover; I just couldn't let it go hungry so took it in and been caring for it all week now.


I did mention I'm IN LOVE with the new In Colors, right? ;o) My package arrives Thursday--just in time for me to not be home all weekend to play with new goodies--drat it all!! I got the Quatrefoil (or however the heck you spell it!) bundle and can't wait to give it a good inking. All those lovely fresh, bright, cherry colors...ah!

I think Lou is a wise, wise man. Of COURSE he liked them all. ;oP Me? I prefer the one with the pearls in the centers (number 2?). I like the open white space--but then, you know my preferences for lots of white space. ;o)

Poor Charlie! Every once in a while George will attempt to make a jump and miss and quickly looks around to see who saw and looks quite embarrassed. :oP It was indeed a lucky day for your kitty boy when Lou found him.

I'm off to check out that story.


P.S. Hi Lou! I AM so glad you found Charlie--what a character!


Okay, I just read the story and am in tears. It's beautiful, and yet, the person who did that to that poor pup...I have no words. Locking THEM in a cage with no food and water certainly appeals. That photo of poor Xena--oh my word. I'm delighted she found the perfect home with the perfect human companion.

BTW, I love Temple Grandin. :o)

Sally Davis

I wasn't going to answer your request for our favorite becuase I couldn't decide. The analness in me likes the bling in the image but then I decided that I liked the one with the blink in the white space. It seemed like too much white space and this helps to fill that in. That's my decision and I am sticking with it! Love the cat pictures too.


Jaydee, that story about Xena made me cry! (I think it needed a warning label!) It is amazing the effects our beloved pets have on us! Thank you for sharing.

Renee Ondrajka

So pretty. I'm just loving the new in colors.


I like the second card best. I like the glitter and the bling in the center of the pattern and I like the white space.

My puppy is like Charlie in that she is always by my side. It's so nice!

It is a miracle that Xena is alive. Unbelievable! I had to fight back the tears. And how awesome for her and the child with autism! Too bad Xena cannot accompany Johnny in public places. It would make for a better quality of life for Johnny and provide greater learning experiences for him as well.

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