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The Paper Players #143 - For the Birds and Quatrefancy Sneak Peek

This and That!

Hi Everyone. Happy Thursday.

Well, sadly, I did not get into my stamping space to create a card for tonight.  I am hoping that I will get to play later tomorrow afternoon when my new SU goodies arrive though!

I promised to let you know who won blog candy from this post.  The question that I asked was what two stamp sets had been used to create the card.  Three of you correctly answered that I had used The Open Sea and In Wilderness.  Even though In Wilderness is a retired set, I kept it because I love the bald eagle so much! 

I dug around in my little stack of SU goodies and found three things from convention.  I will be despatching one to Tracy, Cynthia and Marilyn.   Well done, ladies.   Please can you send me an email with your physical addresses and I will pop your blog candy in the post to you.

The weather is finally warming up!   Actually it got to the mid-40s today and we noticed lots of Minnesotans sitting outside at cafe's and restaurants.  We certainly are a hardy bunch.   Actually, I think we are all suffering from severe cabin fever and are desperate to get outside and make-believe that it's the middle of spring!   In the next 10 days it's going to be low 50s, high 70s and low 40s! 

The snow is finally melting and our wetland is starting to resemble its name.  There are puddles of water everywhere and we are starting to see water birds spend a little time with us.   Last night I was lying in bed and heard a faint little peeping noise.   A single, lone, solitary little spring peeper was out and about trying to find a mate.  It was such a sweet noise and he must be the first of the frogs out and about.  Once I heard him, I knew that spring was definitely on her way.

We also caught sight of something else visiting us this week.   A first for us


Sorry it's not a great photo, but I had to take it with my phone as my camera battery was dead!   I think you an see that it is a pheasant, though!  We were thrilled to see him and he visited us for two days in a row, scratching around underneath the bird feeder.

I'll be back tomorrow.  Hopefully with something created from my SU pre-order!   I really love the new catty.  It's fresh, modern and full of fabulous eye candy.   I was really excited by the catalog that we were able to see on-line.   I made a very long list of things that I wanted and can't wait for May 31 to put in my order from the main catty.

As always, thank you for visiting my little corner of the stamping blogosphere.   Warm hugs and prayers to those of you who need a little lift tonight.





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Sad to me that some would see your gorgeous pheasant and want to hunt it. . . ! But makes me want to stamp and watercolor the pheasant from the retired SU autumn set! I so much enjoy your cards and photos of the wildlife around your beautiful home.


What is it they say about best laid plans and whatnot? I've not been able to get in and stamp in what feels like FOREVER and I so wanted to join in the Paper Players challenge this week. Drat!

Hooray for (maybe!) spring!! I do so hope she finally finds you all. It's been the weirdest spring here around these parts. Slow to arrive and then HOT and then COLD and then spring. Very strange.

Ah peepers! I love them and look forward to them every year. I hope your little guy found somebody to love. :o)

The pheasant is gorgeous. How delightful to catch sight of it.

The new SU! catty? Yeah, I've got a list...;oP Can't wait!

Well, Miss Bean has just trundled downstairs. :sigh: So much for mommy's morning alone time...At least she's chipper, huh? ;o)


P.S. Hi Lou! Happy Friday! :o)


This weather has really been strange all over. We where in the upper 80's one day and then dropped down in the 40's the next. Hope to get outside somewhat today and get my hands much to do and so little time.
Great photo of the beautiful pheasant.
Lucky you; as you have such wonderful critters that come and visit.
Thanks for sharing your photos. I so enjoy seeing them


Wow! Thank you so much for the blog candy you will send! I usually dont win things! So thank you!

There was a pheasant in our yard for a couple of days too--just walking around! Very pretty. I dont think I have ever seen one before.

We still have a lot of snow but the weather is getting warmer! Our weather is much like yours.

Thank you again!


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