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23 July 2013


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I like both cards. Both are beautiful and sweet cards.
Thanks for sharing your nature photos. Always a joy to see and look at Bambi; what a cutie. How fast they do grow.
Have a great day and wonderful evening

Nancy Baxter

As for your cards, meals, and yard photos, ditto all the comments above! I think we are fascinated by the birth of Kate and William's baby because, for me, these two parents look so happy with each other and with their baby. Love each card! It's too hard to choose, but the colorful animals and clay do the trick. I am still curious about your tale of the geese and the Lyme disease. Did I miss something? You have had lots of traveling during your recovery, so I hope you are feeling well and that Lou's finger is healed. Take care! Nancy B


Oh! Those are both WONDERFUL cards and inspiring me to be a little less traditional with my baby cards. :o)

I LOVE your flowers and am not even close to be tired of seeing them. How delightful to sit in the gazebo and enjoy being surrounded by beauty. :o)

That is a divine looking dinner (my stomach truly did give a tiny rumble!), and those beer pulls are wonderful!

I'm so so so chuffed for Kate and William and their new little (that's a big boy she birthed!) bundle of joy. :o) I have no idea why I'm as fascinated and enchanted with them as I am, but I can't seem to help myself. They just seem so lovely and warm and approachable I guess. And, kudos to Kate for being willing to go out in public a day after giving birth--I know *I* wouldn't have been. :oS

Hugs to you!

P.S. Howdy Lou! :o)

Kelly W.

Oh Jaydee, I'd have a very hard time deciding which card to send as well. Who knew you could stamp on clay? Love this idea and the nontraditional colors. The 2nd card is so clever! Just adorable.

Your yard is paradise. All the cozy spots to sit and watch are outstanding. Your pretty yellow coneflower is so bright and cheery. I haven't seen that variety before. And your fawn is getting so tall. Don't you just love those spots! Can't forget to mention your colorful dinner. It looks so yummy. What a treat! I bet it tasted fresh out of the garden too.

Wishing you a lovely day. Our weather has finally broke and we'll have temps in the low 70's. Like you, I don't do well in the humidity so this will be wonderful!


hey jaydee, thank you for sharing the baby cards. they are so cute. your backyard look is looking like a piece of heaven. enjoy it. i like the name(s) for our regal looking goose. and did poor lou ever get his painting done?? love seeing all your pictures. keep them coming. take care.

Doris D.

Both cards are beautiful but I love the first one. Stamping on clay...who knew! Your gardens are beautiful and the flowers around your gazebo are so pretty. I know you enjoy your little spot.

Sally Davis

Never tire of seeing the flower/animal/nature photos. They are the best. Sorry I didn't meet you at convention. It would have been fun to actually see you in person.

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