Birthday Greetings - convention 2013 swaps
Wetlands - Convention 2013 swaps

Hello Baby....

Hi Everyone.  Happy Tuesday night!

In honor of the arrival of the 3rd in the line to the throne of England, I thought it fitting that, as a royalist, I celebrate this momentous occasion and share with you a couple of baby cards that I received in my convention swaps. :-)

One of the swaps I participated in was called "Top Notch Swap" and I must admit, these two cards really do fit the bill. 

Firstly,  I wanted to share this little beauty with you.   Mary Hamill created this little beauty.  I loved the fact that the card is totally non-traditional colors.  More than that, though, I love that she stamped the toucan onto the new clay.  It's gorgeous!   It made me smile when I swapped it and still makes me smile!  There is so uch fabulous detail on this card!

Giftforbaby (1 of 1)

Isn't that adorable?  Does it make you smile?

Then, how about this fabulous card?  This card was made by Karen Harper.

Cutestbabyever (1 of 1)

Isn't that adorable, too?  I mean.... what a great use of the little punch!   Loved it!

So, which would you send to the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge to welcome their new arrival?   I certainly can't make up my mind which one I would send!

On a personal note:

Oh.... our flowers are looking fabulous.  I had to share with you.

Here's a photo of the newly blossomed greyheaded echinacea.   This is such a gorgeous flower - it's more delicate than the normal echinacea and next year it should be so much taller and more robust.

Greyhead echinacea (1 of 1)

Then, I had to share a photo looking at both sides of the gazebo.  You can really see how the flowers are blossoming.   I know you must be getting really bored of seeing the blackeyed susan's, but they make me so happy!

Gazebo - flowers (1 of 1)

I love the way the gazebo is nestled amongst them.    Our Buddha fountain is perfect under the deck.  It looks a bit mess there as we had the patio extended about 7 feet whilst we were away last week and we are waiting for the concrete to cure before we paint it and finish off underneath the deck area.

Here's a wider shot of the flowers on the left hand side of the gazebo.   They really have filled in beautifully.   The area behind the flowers hasn't really come into its own yet.  We are still waiting for the seeds and bare root shrubs to really take hold.   It's most likely going to be next year before we really see anything!   But... it was good to get rid of all of the invasive stuff!

Flowers (1 of 1)-2

How about a couple of photos from our trip to Sundance?

This was our entree at the restaurant.   I can tell you that this dish tasted even better than it looked.   It was a fresh pea risotto made from carnaroli rice and topped with crunch slithers of carrot, onion, peas and sweet peppers.     It was DIVINE!

Pearisotto (1 of 1)

We had a drink at the Owl bar.   This is the actual bar that once hosted the real Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.   I was fascinated by the draft beer pulls.   :-)

Draft pulls (1 of 1)

One last photo.... to celebrate babies... back to where we started on this blog post.    This baby is growing up!

Growing up (1 of 1)

As always, thank you for stopping by my neck of the woods.  I really do appreciate all of your visits - and all of your comments.   Warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight.