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14 August 2013


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Mary Frances Adams

Love your post today, and I do hope Niles and Daphne have offspring next year! It's scary to watch the babies while they are so young and tiny, but wonderful to see them reach adulthood. Love the chipmunk photo, that would drive my two cats absolutely nuts!


I saw that card and thought it had potential--you nailed it! :o) I've been playing around with masks the past couple of weeks, but mostly sponging, not stamping. Love this!

Niles is one elegant gentleman! I'm delighted he and Daphne bring you such joy. And, loving Georgina. I'm the same way with my critters, live and let live (well, except for the voles/moles who have managed to kill off all my butterfly bushes--I could cry. :o( I just love watching all the wildlife in my little backyard--it must be wonderful having an entire wetlands area to view and enjoy!


P.S. Howdy Lou! :o)


Beautiful card, Jaydee. Popping the flower up takes it from CAS to delightful.

Niles is SO elegant, and that red eye is spectacular. I do hope he and Daphne return next year.

Is Georgina a woodchuck? Couldn't tell from the pic and I've forgotten. I loved your description of her house-cleaning activities.

Thanks, as always, for my (almost daily) nature fix.


Truly an Awesome looking card Jaydee
Once again, thanks for sharing photos of all your little nature critters. :}

It is getting cooler here; down in the 90's; had hard rain late yesterday afternoon (little over an inch in 20 minutes), strong winds and even a tornado spotted which made for very exciting evening.
Have a very wonderful day

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