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Truly Grateful one layer

Hi Everyone.

As it's a one layer card challenge across at the Paper Players this week.  I thought I would add another one to the mix.  I am in love with Truly Grateful and the background stamp means that you don't even have to put down a mask, as it is already the perfect size and doesn't need masking!

Truly grateful olc (1 of 1)

On a personal note:

I wanted to share a few photos with you of our dinner on Sunday.  We got to eat outside on the deck and we are so loving it: It's warm, without being overpowering; there is a slight breeze without being windy; the light is beautiful at this time of the year; and it is so peaceful!

One of the things that I have really gotten to love about living here in the US is HEIRLOOM.... heirloom tomatoes, heirloom carrots - heck most things that are heirloom and food!   I'm an English girl and never knew that carrots came in any color other than orange!   Imagine my surprise when I visited the local farmer's market and found a bunch of carrots in 3 different colors including purple.  Are you kidding me!  That's like seeing blue roses... just not natural.    Well... silly me.... they are totally natural and totally awesome!

Here's our insalata mista (Italian for mixed salad) featuring three different carrots grated on top.

Insalata mista (1 of 1)

isn't that awesome..... a salad that contains heirloom lettuce leaves and three different heirloom carrots!   Delicious!

We mixed that with some heirloom tomatoes... who knew that tomatoes could look something other than round and red.... and be totally delicious and all taste so very different!  

Heirloom bonanza (1 of 1)

Added to that was a little asparagus and a few potatoes

Aspragus potatoes (1 of 1)

Then.. of course, I have to show you the table

Dinner sunset (1 of 1)

We love it here... eating out here and looking at the view is just the perfect finishing touch to any day.  The dinner was fabulous - bright, colorful and fresh.   I like to call it "eating the rainbow".  Rach... sorry.... but I couldn't get them arranged in ROYGBIV order... as much as I want to :-)

Then.... a shot of our new chairs in the twilight

Twilight (1 of 1)

and... our deck visitor!

Visitor (1 of 1)

Now... loading these photos has made me hungry... I'm going to go feed the pussycats and then think about dinner for myself!

Before I sign off, I wanted to send a shout out to Colleen who let me know that she has a box of cards ready to send off for OWH...YOU ROCK!   And... Colleen  left Starlight Starbright poem on my post from last night....   I cannot tell you how that made me smile and brought a wistful tear to my eye.   I had completely forgotten about it, but my Mom always recited the first verse of the nursery rhyme with me every night when I was in bed as a young girl. Just before she said, "good night.  God Bless".   I had forgotten all about it and it was a wonderful memory.  So, thank you :-)

Shout out to Rach and Lissie, too.  Rach let me know that Lissie has 60 cards to send for OWH.   Way to Go Lissie!  You, rock, too!   Rach is finishing up her cards and they will be following.   

Another shout out.... to Carol who let me know that she has her cards in the mail for me, too!  YOU ROCK!!!  

I cannot thank you enough for all of your support for this fabulous cause.

As always, thank you for visiting my little neck of the stamping blogosphere.  I do appreciate your visits and your comments.   Warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight.  I'll be back on Saturday with my Paper Players challenge card.  Have a wonderful Friday



Card ingredients - all Stampin' Up unless otherwise noted

  • Card stock:  Vanilla (Gina K)
  • Stamp:  Truly Grateful
  • Inks:  So Saffron, Soft Suede, Tangerine Tango


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I like the looks of one layer cards and yours is no exception. What a great card for fall.
Oh, my, your dinner looks yummy and I do think that your little dinner guest must think so as well.
Looks like he's about ready to hop on in to join you for a quick bit.

Have a great day and enjoyable weekend.

Sandy M

I love your OLC, Jaydee! So simple but so beautiful. And your dinner, wow! I've never seen heirloom carrots! I want to come to your house for dinner!

Doris D.

Love this simple but beautiful card. Colors are great for fall. Your dinner looks divine. Heirloom is the way to go. Beautiful setting for relaxing and enjoying dinner.

Nancy Baxter

Love the card and particularly the stamp set with the tree ring! Is your guest a tree frog? I never knew what one was until I moved out here to the Ohio River Valley and I had to ask someone what all the night noise was! What a city girl I was...Heirloom veggies are probably the tastiest and most colorful. How tempting your dinner looked. Thank you so much for all the work you do and sharing with us. Nancy B


Now now, you could have sort of Roy G Biv'd those tomatoes. ;o) That is one utterly delicious looking meal, and aren't heirlooms the best?!? I get my seeds from an heirloom company and oh how tomatoes may not be uniform and gorgeous to look at, but who cares about looks when they have all that glorious flavor?!?

I really have been loving making one layer cards the past couple of days. I was inspired by the challenge and can't seem to stop! This one is fabulous, and hooray for not having to mask!

I was thinking to work about another week on the cards and ship them all Sept. 2. If that won't work for you, please let me know and I'll get them out sooner. I'm also shipping Lissie's envelopes with my cards as I am in possession of all the envelopes right now...


P.S. Hi Lou! :o)

Bev Gomez

all I can say is YUMMY. LOL! Not really your card is so darling and you also nailed that one layer card. I am going to start following your blog when I get home from Ohio. Thanks for your comment on my card and glad I can be an enabler. Tee Hee. Hugs, Bev

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