You make me smile for Just Add Ink and Retro Sketches and more OWH eye candy
Yes, more OWH eye candy and some travel shots!

Yet more fabulous OWH eye candy

Hi Everyone.  Happy Tuesday.

Hope you are all having a great week so far.

I have some more teaser cards for you tonight.

Let's start with Jeanne.  Her fabulous masculine card uses one of my favorite sets - Open Sea.

Jeanne (1 of 1)

Now.. when I use Open Sea I am always tempted to use several of the elements, but Jeanne's card is a perfect example of why you shouldn't do that :-)  The colors are absolutely masculine and really feel like sailing colors, but it's her use of the fan embossing folder with the Cherry Cobbler that really adds to the nautical feel.  It gives the feeling of movement and waves and I thought it was genius.   The way she graded the colors from Cherry to Crumb to Navy that really helps to highlight and focus the eye on the ship.  A little distressing on the edges of the focal images helps to ground it even more.  Awesome!  Like many of us, Jeanne was inspired by another fabulous stamper and this card was CASED from Patti Chesky.

Now, let's look at a gorgeous, more feminine card from Maureen.


Maureen (1 of 1)

I love the use of the Espresso with Old Olive, it's such a great color combo and one I never tend to put together!  The swirl embossed background is perfectly echoed by the swirly edging that she has drawn around the edges of the sentiment label.  I love the placement of the flower in the top left hand corner.  I never put my elements there, but Maureen showed me why I should get outside of my box, because it works so well.  The leaves feel as though they are creeping along the card, adding to the feel of movement.  The distressed edges to the flower are the perfect finishing touch.  Fabulous!

I've really enjoyed going through each of the submission cards.  Each of these fabulous ladies have inspired me to do something different; whether it's color combinations, placement of elements, different uses for stamps, or a sketch, I've found so much inspiration.  I hope you do, too.

On a personal note:

One of the amazing places we visited whilst we were on our cruise was Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.  It's a little way outside of Halifax and is the most idyllic little spot.  It's incredibly photographic and peaceful.   Lou and I sat at a little coffee shop and had tea over looking the bay.   I took quite a few photographs and when I finally put them up onto my hard drive this weekend, I realized it was more photogenic than I had even thought it would be.   Take a look at this shot.... I'm so tempted to make this into a jigsaw puzzle!

Peggy's cove 1 (1 of 1)

Don't you think that would make a great jigsaw?  I do.  Lou said it would drive him bonkers!   :-)  Now, I don't think of myself as a good photographer, but I do think this is a good shot.  The reflection of the house on the water is perfect.  The little touch of grass in the bottom left hand corner helps to frame the image and shows the light reflecting from the grass tops.   The old house on the water front and the new house on the hill seem to be an allegory of the old way of life vs the new.  The washing on the line on the new house, helps to remind us that this is a way of life that, even though it's a new house, it supports a way of life that has been this way for generations.   Anyway, you can tell I loved this photo! :-)

Here's another shot I took on the way back from tea.   I loved the bright pop of red on the boats and the way the shallow waters of the inlet seemed to echo the shape of the clouds in the sky.  the little cottage on the promontory is the perfect way to stop the eye from traveling too far off the boats.  I also love that this scene could be anywhere... it could be Ireland, Scotland, one of the remoter parts of England, New England... For some reason I had never expected to find it in Canada.

Peggy's cove 3 (1 of 1)

Well, I bet you are tired of looking at photographs of Peggy's Cove by now :-)  I think I might have to have a couple of them printed onto canvas.  I really think they would look good in my stamping space!

As always, thank you for visiting my little neck of the stamping blogosphere.  Your visits and your comments mean a great deal to me.   Warm hugs and prayers for those who need a little lift tonight.




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LOVE the feel of that first card! It's such a great "masculine" set. The embossing is fabulous and I love the matte effect.

And, I love the cheery colors and flowers on Maureen's card! I'm a sucker for that swirly embossing folder. ;o)

Oh my stars, Jaydee, either of those photos could be used as a puzzle! I would love to work either of them! :o) What a gorgeous gorgeous place!


P.S. Hiya Lou!

Kelly W.

Beautiful cards from Jeanne and Maureen! I can't wait to see the rest of their collections.

Your Nova Scotia pictures are wonderful!! I've never been but I believe think the landscape mimics the coast of Maine, my favorite vacation spot. So serene and peaceful. I'd love to sip some tea or coffee in this same location. I love the old vs new home and the reflection in the water. My favorite though is your bottom picture with the red boats! The gorgeous blue sky and the pop of red (in that great odd number of 3). I'm very thankful you have shared with us Jaydee and look forward to a little more please.


Thanks for sharing your photos and I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Canada. Since my son moved to Nova Scotia in 2005, I have visited each summer. It is so beautiful. Having driven over hill and dale there, one often sees clothes on the line. It speaks to me of the Maritimes and each summer I purchase an art piece with clothes on the line-including a quilted piece, hooked wool, a batik, photos, copies of prints and one with sea glass pieces.

Sally Davis

Peggy's Cove photos are awesome. Don't stop sharing your shots with us. These look professional I say and love the idea of putting them on canvas to look at every day. Glad you got the time to get away and take these amazing pictures.


Jeanne, thanks for that. I've updated the post to give credit to Patti.

Like many of us who have created cards for OWH - our participants were inspired by many people to create their cards.


Hey Jaydee and Linda, Patti Chesky deserves the honors for The Open Sea card, not me. I CASED her card for the other one sent for OWH. :}

Linda Rodgers

Don't stop the photos! I loved visiting Peggy's Cove with my 12 yr. old son years ago, and it's wonderful to relive it through your great shots.

Jeanne's card is definitely a different vision for Open Sea. Simple, but so effective. I've never thought I wanted that fan folder, but this card has given me a totally different perspective on it.


good morning, love the cards i think they are something i could case with no problems, i also agree the photos are awesome and would make excellent puzzles. good idea for someone for a christmas gift. never tire of seeing all the cards and photos you show us. keep them all coming our way. thank you .

Kay Bechtol

Share all the photos of your trip that you want. You are taking me places I would love to see, but will not be able to in person. Thanks for sharing.

The cards are great, too.

Doris D.

The OWH cards are so pretty. It is amazing how we can learn from each other isn't it?
Your photos are outstanding. I can certainly see them on canvas for your stamping room. I think you should make a video of your trip and all the beautiful photos you took.


Great looking cards.
Jaydee, that was the first thing that came to my mind when I seen your photos was having them both made into puzzles. They are great.
Seeing the clothes hanging on the line in top photo reminds me when my mother always hung her clothes on the line as she didn't own a dryer so they where either hung outside or in the basement during the winter months.
Thanks 4 sharing the lovely photos
Enjoy your day


Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos, Jaydee. Anytime I chose a vacation spot, it has to be on the water. Peggy's Cove looks wonderfully picturesque!

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