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29 December 2013


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Linda Callahan

Total sweetness!

Jen Timko

Fabulous!! Love the sequins, the sewing…all perfect for the sketch. And a mink..how cool! Such a treat to see one. Glad you joined in this time at FMS!

Kelly W.

Hi Jaydee! This is such a sweet cas design. The gold sequins really add a lot. The dsp is a breath of fresh air and your sewing is so pretty! I've always wanted to try that but I chicken out. ; )

A mink, wow! I certainly hope you are able to get a photo some day. That is amazing! Wouldn't it be lovely to watch a family of them right from your window. You have a little slice of heaven there!

Marge Penley

Oh WOW, a mink! I thought they were farm raised - just like city kids think milk comes in bottles from the grocery store. I hope you put food out for him/her. That is the best ever to hear about.

Loll Thompson

Love these patterned papers together Jaydee!! Beautiful, soft and definitely makes me think of ICE CREAM! :) Great sewing - it would take me ages to figure out my machine, so I just poke holes and "faux sew" ... the real thing looks so much better! Happy New Year! Loll xx

Sandy M

What a fun, fresh card, Jaydee! Love the colors and the little smattering of sequins. I would love to see a picture of that mink, wow!


Yay! You got out your sewing machine! I've become a threading pro these past few days. :snort: ;oP I have to tell you, one of the things I said to my mom was, "Now I can sew on a card!" when my new machine arrived. :oP

This really is an awesome layout and I can definitely see it becoming a fall to. I love what you've done with it and all the soft, spring-y colors. :o)

It was about 60 here yesterday and I despair of ever seeing snow again. :o(

And, I've (obviously) NEVER seen a mink! How thrilling! I hear they're shy creatures by nature. I hope you see more and are eventually able to snap a couple of pics (even if they are blurry and unfocused because the little critter is swift). :o)

Have a happy Monday!


P.S. Hi Lou!


Love the simplicity of this sketch and your card is outstanding. Nice to step outside the box and do something different and sewing on cards is Oh, so easy and gives a different effect to a card as well.

Minks normally come out at night to hunt for food but will occasionally see them during the day. They will kill snakes but won't eat them.
I must say; they are the cutest member of the weasel family.

Did you know that the baby minks are called ‘cub or kit’; the female minks are called ‘sow’ and the male minks as ‘boar’.

Many years ago I used to know a family in Iowa that raised minks and then sold them for their fur.
Wishing you and Lou a Happy and Blessed New Years.

Amy O'Neill

I love this card, Jaydee! It is so clean and fresh. And I'm proud of you for pulling out that sewing machine and getting reacquainted with it. Thanks for playing along with us at Freshly Made Sketches!

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