A nation weeps tonight

Sparkly Christmas Trees

Hi Everyone.

Very quick post for you tonight.  I need to go outside and shovel about 6 inches of snow from the driveway.  The world sure looks beautiful, but I need to get some snow off the driveway so that I can get the garbage cans down for emptying tomorrow.

I also want to do it before it gets too cold.  Scheduled to drop down to -8 as a high!  yep... that's -8 as a high!

I made this card for the Paper Players "evergreen" challenge.  You are going to join us this week, I hope!

Sparkly christmas trees

I had such fun decorating this Papertrey Ink image with gold and red stickles.

I thought I'd share some snow shots with you. 

The raindrum table is now a snow table!


I love the snow collecting on the ornaments on the trees at the front steps.


I NEVER get tired of seeing the Pileateds.  Even though it was snowing, he still has to find food!


The deck tree looks beautiful in the snow - and I am still totally in love with that angel tree topper.


And...I love the view over the wetland - regardless of the weather.  It's hard to believe that just a couple of months ago it was green and covered in flowers!


As always, thank you for your visits - and your comments.  Warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a lift tonight.




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Oh my goodness.....your snowy scenes are beautiful! I am so jealous of your pileateds, too! BUT THE CARD IS WONDERFUL! Love how you overlapped the trees....fabulous!


what a lovely card along with beautiful snow pictures as well but -8 deg.; that's cold and I thought our temperatures are going to be bad here the next few days but not as cold here as it is in your neck of the woods.
Coming in tomorrow nigh; cold wind, freezing temperatures along with rain and sleet and possible snow in some areas. That is to keep up through Monday and hard to believe that it was 80 deg. today and now the bottom drops out come tomorrow afternoon. :{
Stay warm Jaydee and bring in that extra log for the fireplace.
Love your angel on top of your lovely tree.
Enjoy your evening and have a wonderful weekend


Love this perfectly CAS card, Jaydee!! I cant believe there is so much snow! Ive never seen so much!! Its wonderful to see the photos and one of these days I will travel over to see a White Christmas instead of melting in the heat xx

Lynn Hayes

Brrrrrrrrrrrr..........so cold but so beautiful! We were in the 80's today. Love all that snow - but then, I don't have to shovel it either. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures.
Love your card!! Very creative and cute. I'll have to remember how to do this now. Love it!

Kelly W.

Hi Jaydee! Truly a wonderful Christmas card here! Beautiful! Your snowy pictures are just lovely. The pileated would have me watching him all day instead of working. 6 inches of snow huh, wow, seems too early for that. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow (Fri) but only 1-2 inches. Kids are hopping for a snow day to go sledding! They would get that in your area. ; ) We have been in the 60's and I can tell you I'm not ready for minus numbers. Those poor creatures outside! I have to say that your deck tree angel topper is outstanding! She looks like she might float away into your wetlands. Love seeing all your pictures, keep them coming. Stay warm!


I love the card--simple, CAS, gorgeous!

And, that snow. OMStars that SNOW!!!!! Ah. I can live vicariously through you. :o) I hope we get some this year but I'm not holding my breath. :oS

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Hi Lou!

Sally Davis

Now, if those photos don't get you in the Christmas mood, nothing will! Thanks for sharing.


¡¡¡¡Qué frío!!! . . . . let it snow . . . let it snow . . . (you add the music) . . . what a lovely card . . . is it a 3D? . . . looks like it.

The pictures of your backyard (??) are absolutely beautufil . . . mother nature at its utmost!!

A warm hug for a cold and snowy weather.

Marina . . . from far Africa.

kathy amstutz

I thoroughly enjoyed your winter-y pictures but am so thankful I live in Mesa, AZ....brrrrr!

Marge Penley

I too never tire of your pictures of the wetlands. These Christmas pictures with snow are very festive. Here in Connecticut we have no snow yet and I'm even wearing my snowman sweatshirt to bring it on, but alas it's not working.

The card was certainly lovely too as yours always are.

Nancy Baxter

I love your views and your photos. Our resident pileated flew by earlier this week for my first glimpse. The family should soon stop on our close suet tree and our deck rail with another suet cage. We are in for some snow & ice over the next few days -- yuck. It's pretty but very dangerous here. I adore your angel topper. She reminds me of a weather vane. I noticed all the details on your card. The cut outs make it so dimensional.

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