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27 December 2013


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Ruth Ann Vincent

What beautiful scenes, thank you for sharing with us.
I'm surprised to see just your foot prints and not the Elf's!
We don't get much snow in Alabama but saw 13 wild turkey New Years day, slowly crossing a country road.

Kelly W.

Beautiful Jaydee! The sunset and your front porch are breathtaking. So fun that you made tracks in the snow! Who cares what the neighbors think anyway? Snow angels are delightful and we should all take a cue from the kids and make one every once in a while, huh! I think I have a new challenge for myself for this new year ahead. I'm usually the one taking photos and not in the midst of the action, unless I'm shoveling. Thanks for the reminder to loosen up!!

sonny peterson

Love your blog ! I visit daily because it`s like stopping in a friend`s house . Your pictures are beautiful . You remind me of how I view nature . Even the bare trees lift up their lacy like branches in gratitude ! Thank you for sharing with us . Happy New Year !

Brenda in IN

Jaydee your pictures are gorgeous, as is your home. We have snowfall in Indiana and I love the look when it is pristine. That's before the dog goes out and the cars drive on it! I love the quiet when it is falling. You're never to old to make snow angels or be silly and giggle. I would love to make snow angels but it would take paramedics to get me up! Just kidding. I think.


What stunning snow pictures and the sunset.......Absolutely Gorgeous.
I enjoy seeing snow pictures from afar so thanks for sharing the lovely wintery pictures with us. One thing tho...just keep the snow up north. We don't need it down this way. After living in Iowa all my life I don't care if I ever see that much snow here. People in Texas (well some people) just don't know how to drive on rainy, icy or snow covered roads.
The front of your home is Stunning; warm and very inviting.
Was going to ask you. Do you feed the deer when the ground is covered in snow like that?
Enjoy the remainder of the weekend and wishing you and Lou a Very Happy and Blessed New Years

Cheryl McAskill

Just beautiful! I love fresh fallen snow and how it covers up all the brown leftovers from fall! My husband hates the cold and shoveling. I live in RI and we have not had a lot of snow yet, we've had some but it is all gone. You seem like you have got quite a bit more than Southern New England. Northern New England is getting slammed with snow and ICE. Maine is under cover. Hubby is so looking forward to moving a bit further south. We are updating the house to put it on the market. It is taking a while but we will get there. He is looking at North Carolina and is chomping at the bit to move. So we shall see how fast stuff gets done!


Your pictures of where you live are absolutely stunning! I love that the most about your blog and how you describe it all. Don't get me wrong I also love your art work. I just appreciate the photos so much because I live in Phoenix and we
don't see much of that in the city.


Marge Penley

It was truly a lift to see the photos of your abode and surroundings. If you have a spare room, I'll use it. Winter here is not typical New England with the beautiful snow it is bare grass again. My husband is ready to get out the lawnmower but he just put the snow blower on the tractor. Oh well, it's early yet so we'll see.

Thanks again for sharing your pictures.

diane laney spaulding

Jaydee! I have been on your site for several years now, and just wanted to stop in and tell you how very much I appreciate all of your cards! Also, the beautiful pictures you post! I find myself getting up each morning, coming downstairs, and after I feed my "girlies" (2 German Sheps.) I can't wait to get on my email to see what you've posted for us! Thank you so much! Diane


I love winter too! Alas we get so little snowfall. I'll live vicariously through you. :o)

I LOVE snow at night. The muffling, the subtle pink tinge to the sky, the stillness. It's all so perfect

Barnaby and Braxton are SO perfect there by your front door! What a wonderful way to be greeted! :o)

I wish you a peaceful weekend spent doing whatever makes you happiest!


P.S. You too, Lou--may your weekend be spent doing things you love. :o)

Ruth Ann Smith

Absolutely gorgeous. I too love winter!! However, here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland all we seem to get is rain. I lived several years in Golden, Colorado and I loved it there, beautiful sunrises, sunsets, white fluffy snow, it was awesome. Would love to go back, at least for a winter visit. Your home looks lovely and festive. So glad you had a nice Christmas.

Doris D.

Absolutely beautiful. I love your part of the world in winter. Your decorations are so pretty and the outside decorated tree with snow on it is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing your snow with me in VA where we hardly get any snow. Happy New Year!


Beautiful pictures!


Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Jaydee!!

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! . . . BEAUTIFUL!! . . . we do not get snow in Algiers . . . thoug a few years ago we did . . . it was spectacular.

You still have time to do some "angels" . . . do not worry . . . me, sometimes, when it rains and I am in the garden . . . I just open my arms, lift my head and get wet . . . it is like if God was touching me . . . so go ahead!! . . . do your "angels" . . . I'll be by your side!!

I wish you and Lou "enough" of everything for 2014.

Much love from . . . Marina from far Africa!


Part of the reason I love reading your blog is the perspective that you bring - we see the same snow, you see the beauty, I see something quite different...suffice to say, winter is NOT my favourite season! I love your front porch - how festive and welcoming! So glad you have the opportunity to enjoy your holidays! P.s, I painted my powder room the same colour as one of your rooms - the silver that you had, perhaps in your den? - and I have received so many compliments on the colour choice! So thank you! And happy new year, in a few days!

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