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13 January 2014


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Tammy F.

Love your rainbow card! I really like the pop of color on the white card base!


Well now, doesn't this card just scream, "RACH!!!!" LOOOOOOOOOOVE the rainbow!

I'm chuckling at Charlie as he reminds me of one big ol' lump of black kittyness that resides in my house and stakes claims to MY stamping chair. Except, he's camouflaged and tries to get himself sat upon. ;oP


Kimberly Wiener

Love the Rainbow card, so wonderful for this sketch!

It was a 'Why didn't I think of that?" moment!!!!!!

Thanks for adding this wonderful card to the Sketch it Saturdays sketches Challenge on the US Blog!!!


Jaydee, I simply love the rainbow stripes on ur card and I really couldn't recognize the landmark but ur cards are no less than a landmark :D


Great card. Love the embossing and the gel pen hearts idea! After Goggling, I think your photo was taken in St. James Park by Buckingham Palace.

Missy Smith

Love the card Jaydee! I have never been to London to see the Buckingham Palace but would love to go! You & Lou are so lucky to be able to do that!


You lucky girl spent some of your vacation time in London, looking at Buckingham Palace. Lucky lucky you. Long way to go, but it looks like the weather was nicer than what we had across N. America!


Boy, your other friends who leave comments are much smarter than I am! lol Not a clue where this scene is, but note there is no snow. Love your rainbow card, btw. Hugs.

Ann R

Love your card! And yes, the photo is St. James Park at Buckingham Palace. Beautiful. I'm glad you're feeling better but I'm here to say that your cough might last a bit. Getting over the crud myself! Take good care.


what a great cheerful looking card; easy, quick and gorgeous which reminds me of the song 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'.
Wonderful sentiment as well.
I would be so stiff and sore sleeping the way Charlie is but then cats sleep in the weirdness positions sometimes. Cute photo of him tho. Thank you.

Your photo was taken at St. James Park by Buckingham Palace.

Seeing your card brought a bit of cheer to my life this morning.
Yesterday, shortly after turning on my oven to get it preheated I heard some crackling sounds. Turned around and sure enough I had an electric show going on inside my oven and the smoke alarm was going off. I quick turned the oven off, turned on the kitchen ceiling fan, opened up the front door and burned some candles to get the smell and smoke out.
My heating element in the oven burned clear through. Easy fix. Just have to buy a new element; take out the old and put in the new.
Would you believe that with the noisy smoke alarm going off my hubby didn't even wake up. He works nights so he was still in bed at 10:30AM. That was enough excitement to last me for awhile. At least I don't have to buy a new stove but I am totally at a lost when it's out of commission.

Jaydee, good to hear that you are feeling somewhat better. Get plenty of rest and drink lost of liquid and take some Alka Seltzer. That always seems to help my hubby when he's feeling a bit down.
Enjoy your week

Jean Fitch

Don't ask me why but my brain whispered Buckingham Palace and then I came across this shot online - http://cbwentworth.wordpress.com/2011/06/09/a-busy-week-in-london-part-i/
Funny because years ago I had a thing about finding unusual views (back door basically) of famous places. Guess it stuck in my mind. Love your rainbow. Perfect timing as Saturday we had an unexpected rainbow on the drive home from an event. Love the simplicity and the joy this card shares. Hope you are over the "bug" soon. Maybe joining Charlie in the sunshine will help dry the last of it out of your system. Cats really can get comfortable in the darndest positions can't they? One of my former fur companions used to sleep practically upside down on her head hanging off the back of the couch. Hugs and thanks for sharing.


Forgot to comment on the card...I like the color choices for the rainbow. Bright and cheerful inside and out.


Thanks Jaydee for the explanation on the silicone craft sheet.

Now for the landmark, I happen to google Buckingham Palace and sure enough that looks like it. How wonderful it is to visit.


Jaydee, I'm sorry to say I don't recognize the landmark, but here is a helpful tip for YOU: rub Vick's Vapo-rub on your feet and pull on some snuggly sox as you get into bed for the night. My daughter swears by this cough remedy! Hope it helps!

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