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 Hi Everyone.

I have a very quick, and hopefully amusing post for you tonight!  I have a couple of friends who are having "man trouble" which, considering my age, is pretty funny in and of itself.  I thought I would only be having "those" sorts of conversations with friends when I was a teenager!  You know, a couple of years ago! :-)

So, I decided to whip up a quick card to show my support.   I received this DSP with my SSS card kit this week and thought it would be perfect as a backdrop to an old Skipping Stones stamp set I have.

Here's the outside:


then, of course, I had to do the inside:



No comment :-)  But, I bet there are a lot of you who can relate to the inside sentiment :-)

I hope all of you are safe after this massive storm.  Lou has a colleague who was driving from Atlanta to Florida and spent 8 hours trying to drive 3 miles.  We are so accustomed to the storms here in Mn, that you forget that there are parts of the country totally unprepared for these extremes.  So, I hope you and your families are all safe. 

If you live in an area that has been affected and are able to, please put out food and water for the birds who are over-wintering with you.  it will be so difficult for them now.

Keep warm and keep safe.  I'll be back on Friday with another card.  In the meantime, warm hugs for those of you who need a lift tonight,




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ColleenB. - Texas

:} :} what a cute card Jaydee and Oh, yes I can relate to the sentiment.
Why is it that I man won't be man enough to stop and ask for directions?
Enjoy the remainder of the week and wishing you and Lou a wonderful weekend


A friend of mine spent 1 1/2 hrs last Sunday waiting for enough visibility to cross a highway. Finally there was a break and he darted across, only to drive straight into a snowbank and get hung up. There followed much more adventure trying to get out.


OH MY GOODNESS! This is soo cute...and reminds me of the time I was late for a college formal because my date was too stubborn to stop & ask for directions. Luckily it was only 30 minutes into the social time, but I was TICKED and we broke up that night!!! The straw that broke the frog's back, I guess! TFS!

Linda McCullough

Love the card. Hope your friends find there Prince. Atlanta and all a am a is a mess. But the kids are enjoying it!! Hugs from Ohio

Doris D.

Such a cute card. In VA it is 9* this morning, unheard-of. And the snow is 10 inches deep. I don't know how you do it. Haven't had my newspaper in 2 days because my long driveway is impassable. Oh well, I am enjoying your blog and many more. Have a good day.

Kelly W.

Ha, ha, ha, that is so funny Jaydee! What an adorable frog. Love the calming dsp mixed with gray.

I've been going through bird seed like crazy and double/triple feeding with our extreme temps. I noticed bunny tracks coming onto our patio and so I make sure they get some too. I think I saw a raccoon track as well. All are welcome at this house!


All I can say about that card is, :SNORT:!! That is TOO funny!

I've refilled the feeder every day this week. My little birdies are little fluff balls right now it's so cold out there. Poor things. And, I haven't seen my squirrels at all.

My bet is we'll have another snow day tomorrow. If not, we'll be delayed for sure. When you get snow so seldom, you just don't have the infrastructure for dealing with it. :sigh:


P.S. Howdy, Lou! :o)

Ann R

Oh, I need this adorable card for my very sad daughter who just went through a breakup. (Boyfriend called us on Christmas Eve to ask if he could marry our daughter and three weeks later changed his mind). Ugh! As for weather - we got a bit of rain yesterday in California. Who hoo! If we could just even out this weather a little, right??

Sandy M

What a cute and funny card, Jaydee! It is sure to generate a smile!


Ah, my daughter too could use your card - it's adorable. Sending hugs and warm wishes to you as another cold spell hits us after this beautiful looking snow storm. My good thoughts and prayers for your job situation too.


ha!ha!ha! . . . . it's a world wide disease . . . not asking for directions!!! . . . probably one day the antidot will be discovered!!

Jaydee . . . you are so thoughtful about everybody . . . humans and birds!!

God bless you!

Marina . . . from far Africa.

Ruth Ann Vincent

What a cute card. As I tell my granddaughter. "Be patient and when you don't expect it Mr Right will appear. God will let your paths cross."
Our birds here in AL are really puffy also. The cardinals are so pretty!
Best to you and Lou, Ruth Ann

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