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15 February 2014


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Super amazing card, I like those embossed clocks behind the focal mug, time goes perfectly well with the coffee :)


Great coffee card and I love the embossed bg (especially with the inside sentiment being what it is!)


Well I was wondering about the watches thanks for clearing that up. Love your card and the coffee cup on the tag is a great touch. So glad you had a fun night out sounds very romantic.



Your idea is brilliant. LOVE the embossing to go with the sentiment. I love the design xx

ColleenB. - Texas

Such a great looking card Jaydee......perfect blend of everything.
If I have enough caffine, I could rule the world...............well, maybe not quite. we do drink our share of coffee here; several pots a day and now I hear that coffee is going to sky rocket in price :{

Thank you all for the special prayers and hugs. I so do appreciate each and every one of them. Doing well here. thank you.
Jaydee and Lou, enjoy your day and remainder of the week.

Kelly W.

Fantastic card Jaydee! I just love your tag, the embossed layers, and clocks with the sentiment. This is truly perfection!

The Olympics have been addicting, but they are each time they roll around. I've loved the snowboarding and skiing especially. They make it look so easy!

Thinking of you with your work situation and wishing you a lovely week. Ruth Ann's comment about praying for each other was really nice. I always appreciate that you mention those needing a special lift in your closing and think it is unique and special. Blessings!

Ruth Ann Vincent

I could use a cup right now!
So glad you and Lou were able to get away and enjoy some wonderful music.
Prayers for Colleen and others that need hugs and encouragement.
I am anxious for warmer weather in you area, so I can see the flowers in the wet lands.


I've been an Olympics junkie--but, I'm sure you figured that. :oP It only comes around once every four years, you have to take advantage! :o)

In fact, I just watched the finish of the cross country relay and I'm beat just watching them go!

I love the card! Coffee with a good friend is priceless. :o)

My prayers for Colleen and for those who need a lift. This has been one long and cold winter.


P.S. Hi Lou! :o)

Nancy Baxter

For me, it's always a great time to have coffee, so I knew right away your embossed card had to mean It's Coffee Time! Love it! The skaters and skateboarders on the half pipe have gripped me too. I watched the Westminster Dog show and agility nights as well! Hope your work week eases up a bit. Nancy B



Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!! . . . where can I purchase those beautiful stamps????

I can receive them in the USA or in Canada . . . I have contacts in both places.

Marina . . . from far Africa.

Harriet Skelly

I love that coffee cup image with that sentiment and your sentiment inside is brilliant with the embossed background on front!


Like the others, I love the connection between the embossed clocks and the sentiment. Great idea.

I agree about Plushenko. It would have been great to see him skate again.

Loll Thompson

Love your design Jaydee. Love of texture with your embossed background and embossed tag. The coffee looks perfect on the tag and what a fabulous wooden button to top it all off. Loll xx


The embossed background is a great connection to friendship memories of the past - a brilliant design Jaydee!
Sylvia x

vicki dutcher

Awesome! I just love that cup!

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