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Happy Dirtday for Addicted to CAS

April birthdays...

 Hi Everyone.  Happy Thursday.  I am glad to report that my blog is still up and running.... YAY!  Looks like typepad fixed their problems.

I have a card for you tonight - to celebrate two April birthday girls.  My dearest friend Pammie celebrated her birthday on April 22 and my talented PP team mate, Ann, celebrates her birthday on April 27.    I don't want to share Pammie's actual card with you until she has received it - so as to not spoil the surprise.   The sentiment on the front of the card is wonderful I think :-)

April birthdays

 For those of you who come to my blog for something other than cards.....  Lou shouted to me to bring my camera.  Being the obedient girl that I am (yeah right... I can hear my father falling on the clouds in heaven with laughter at that comment!!!!)... I rushed to the window and managed to catch these two Pileated's acting as mirror images of each other:


Yesterday morning, I was up quite early and saw that it was going to be a gorgeous sunrise.  I lay awake looking out over the wetland watching the sun rise.  I got up to go onto the deck to take a photo before it disappeared.... really... there is something truly amazing about this world we inhabit.  Well... lots of things, really!



Now..... some of you may have seen my post last night... I thought we would extend the challenge just one more night.  However, here is a look at what was actually behind the paper.  So, still any more thoughts on WHAT FAMOUS MALE sent me these flowers? :-)  I mean, red roses!  Seriously.... how much more amazing can you get than a simple arrangement of red roses and gypsophilia :-)   Don't forget to leave me a comment telling me which FAMOUS MALE you thought sent me these flowers.   All will be revelaed - as will the winner of the blog candy - tomorrow night!


On a more serious note... thank you to all of you who left messages of support to Jeanne and Gavin.   I appreciate it... but I know that Jeanne and her family will appreciate it even more.   You really are an amazing support group.

Warm hugs and prayers to Jeanne, Gavin, her family - and to all of you who need a little lift tonight.





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Those to pileateds...oh my word...I'm gob smacked. How utterly brilliant and breathtaking!

LOVE the sentiment on the card--absolutely perfect for April birthdays. :o)

The sunrise is gorgeous, and really, George really was too too sweet to send you such stunning roses. ;o)


P.S. Hi Lou! :o)


GAH!!!!!!!! TWO not "to"!!!!! The grammar cop within just withered a died a little bit. :oS

ColleenB. - Texas

such a pretty card and what a lovely sentiment.
Looks like the woodpeckers are really enjoying their morning breakfast feast.
What a beautiful sunrise to wake up to in the morning.

Your roses are gorgeous.
Birthday wishes go out to Pammie and Ann
Enjoy your day and have a wonderful weekend

Doris D.

Loved the card. Your picture of the two woodpeckers is spectacular. Your view is so entertaining and always changing. You are one lucky lady.


Thank you Jaydee, and fellow blog readers. Here's an update - Gavin is getting ready to go home! He can't go back to school yet, but his brain injury is heling! Yay! Bleass all of you who helped with prayers and good wishes.

One happy Gramma here!


The fliwers are from one of your male cats.


I was delighted and in awe of your woodpeckers, but I literally gasped at that amazing view. You were so wise to plan to see that from your bedroom as you wake.

Our rain yesterday turned into horrid slushy snow. YUCK! Hope you missed it.


Hmm, was it CHARLIE?

Kelly W.

Hi Jaydee! I missed your blog posts and got so frustrated that I went and changed my email account, just so sure it was their fault! lol. It was time for a change but I'm truly grateful that all is back to normal in blogville!

This bright sunny card is wonderful. I love the sun rays and subway art style sentiment!

Oh your picture of the pileated woodpeckers makes my heart sing!! I got to see one fly about 2 weeks ago taking a hike with very noisy Cub Scouts. It was the noise that kept us from seeing him up close.

I'm going to guess that your flowers are from a famous jazz musician! I don't have a name as I don't follow that type of music but I know you and Lou love to go hear them play, so that's my stab in the dark!

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