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13 May 2014


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Betty J.

Love your colour combo, Jaydee. Perfect take on the sketch.

Leigh Penner

Oh, what a lovely card! Perfect take on the sketch!
Wonderful photos, too!


Hi Jaydee, Your card is stunning! I love the color combo & the flowers with the ribbon on top of the card. This card is so beautiful it could take my breath away. Thanks for sharing the card and your photos of the wild life also! Rosemary

Pat Jandacek

The card is beautiful! Love seeing the nature surrounding you. I also believe there's another male Baltimore (Northern) Oriole waiting his turn in the trees. The blue herons are plentiful here (west coast Florida) but I do miss the songbirds - not so many of them if you discount mockingbirds.


Hi Jaydee!!

Your pictures are so beautiful . . . very good camera!! It seems as if the little black bird is talking to the iron bird. Wished I could install some feeders in the garden . . . what happens when it is very windy??

May God bless you . . . I do know Mother Nature does.

Marina . . . from far Africa.


love the colors of the card, orioles !! . please keep the wild life photos coming, we are waiting for the orioles in our yard, the hummers have arrived as the rose breasted gross beaks. look everyday at your blog and love love it. keep up the awesome work,


I loved that card--it definitely deserved the win--congratulations!

As for this one...holy moly on the fussy cutting!!!!! It's a stunner of a card, that's for sure! :o)

Oh dear. I'll trade you some of our hot for your cold and we can both be "just right". :oP It's been close to 90 the past few days and after the winter that wouldn't end, I feel bad complaining, but man...that's just HOT. :oS

Your views...you lucky thing, you. They're stunning. I seriously don't believe you and Lou could have found a more perfect lot. I love it so much and feel blessed you share it with us. Thank you!


P.S. Hi Lou! I hope YOU got to take a little breather from planting those trees and took a moment to enjoy the view. :o)

ColleenB. - Texas

Congratulations on the win of your card.
Beautiful card Jaydee. The black / yellow makes for a classy card. I love them 2 colors used together. The little flowers are adorable.
Once again, thanks for sharing your wonderful wildlife photos with us.

We received another 3 inches of rain Monday. That is 6 inches that we received since last Thursday of which was much needed considering that so many lakes here are anywhere from 10 - 25feet below normal water level.

Wishing you a wonderful day


Love the chalkboard painted tag - beautiful flowers -your shading is spot on!

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