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05 May 2014


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Hi Jaydee, Guess whose birthday is today? George Clooney & he's 53 or 55! Just thought you might want to know LOL. I love seeing your cards but I really love seeing the wildlife in the wetlands and area.


The Blackberry Bliss is really pretty. It looks like it will go with a lot of colors! I agree the sun felt really good yesterday as I celebrated my birthday with Gavin. He is going to school half days now and may go back to full time next week! Yay! Isn't good medical care a blessing? Thank you again to all who have left me messages.


Blackberry Bliss I like. Hello Honey? I'm struggling with it, for the reasons you mentioned--it's like a dingy-ish Crushed Curry. Maybe I'll like it better IRL...

The card I DO like, though. :o)

Hooray for the return of the orioles! Love the deer and mallard, and camouflage is truly a wonderful thing, isn't it? I took a photo of a bunny on the playground the other day, and even knowing where she was I had a difficult time finding her in the image. :o)

It's supposed to hit the mid-80's here by the end of the week. For now, it's low-60's. I'll keep those, thanks. :oP


P.S. Hi Lou!


I like your card! Blackberry Bliss looks like a great color! Youe photos are great. I like the reflecton of the deer and mallard in the water! I'm so glad spring is here and the snow is almost gone. Didn't think it was ever going to happen.

ColleenB. - Texas

love the colors of your beautiful card
Once again, thank you for the wonderful nature photos. That oriole is gorgeous perched up high in the tree.

Ok; how do you take your wooden stamps and convert it to clear?
Jaydee, I would take the cooler temperatures any day compared to these 90 plus temperatures that we're having right now. When I get up early in the am it's already over 70deg and the sun isn't even up yet.



You sound (I read you) so enthusiastic with your surrounding .. . it's contagious!! . . . I even felt my feet wet.

I do not have the beautiful material you do but I enjoy your art so much!!!

Much love.

Marina . . . from far Africa.


JEALOUS! That oriole is beautiful....and I finally placed my preorder for my goodies today! Pretty colors, and I love that watercolor set!

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