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31 May 2014


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I love Everything about your clean&simple wedding card!

Nance Leedy

I just LOVE this image and how you've used it on your clean and classy wedding card. The colors, sentiment and clean images are perfect for a modern couple--great job, Jaydee!

Ann Schach

I LOVE this card! It is so clean and PERFECT! And of course, I always love your wildlife photos. You live in a wonderful spot!

Linda Callahan



I so love your CAS style, Jaydee! I love everything about this card. Well done!

I'm chuckling at your deer as B and I have seen so many on our morning runs of late. Last week there were a doe and fawn in the middle of the path and as they saw us approaching, the doe moseyed away--no running for her. The fawn was apparently quite inquisitive and stayed there so long B was almost able to touch him! He too merely wandered off, no bounding into the woods.

Today we saw three more deer, a bunny, numerous squirrels, and boy howdy were the birds noisy! We were out by 6:00 and it turns out the nature trail is a busy place! ;o)

Our mosquitoes are also roasting size and ridiculously hungry. UGH!

The ducklings and their mama are beyond delightful, I'm so happy you got that shot! :o)


P.S. Hi Lou! :o)

 Susan Mac

your card is so cute & fits the purpose; your pictures are stunning....thank you so much for including them in your post!


LOL...well, we don't always "plan" our creativity, do we?! But I love your sweet little wedding card (I don't have many wedding stamps either!!!) and I think it's as cute as can be! Love your wildlife too!

Sandy M

Oh and ps thanks for your prayers. Hopefully Bill will be home from the hospital tomorrow.

Sandy M

Jaydee when I saw your card last week I was thinking the same thing, it would have been perfect for this week's challenge! So love what you created, and was surprised to see you had the same image as in the challenge badge. A beautiful and elegant card. Those little baby ducks are adorable! Wish I could have seen Mama Duck try to keep them together!

Ann R.

I envy your card making skills and the opportunity to live where you live. I wish so much that I could live "out" from the busyness of life and enjoy nature as you are able to. Ahhhhhh, guess that is not part of my life's journey. So, thank you for sharing. I can live my life vicariously through you! LOL.

Doris D.

I absolutely love your card. The shadow in the background makes this card shine. Great job.
Your wildlife is just fascinating. The ducks in a row are precious.
I read yesterday to spray Listerine around your sitting area to ward off mosquitos.

Gerri K

Jaydee, this card is beautiful!! I've never used MDS but this image is perfect.
I always enjoy your photos of at the Wetlands too. It all looks so serene. Thanks for sharing!

ColleenB. - Texas

Wonderful card Jaydee; simple and yet it makes for a lovely wedding card and I can see the shimmer on the &.
What a wonderful view from your deck and looks like everyone is enjoying the water but them little ducklings; well they're not too sure in taking that first dip. :}

Sent you an email with listing of mosquitoe repellant plants. Years ago I wasn't too concerned about getting a mosquitoe bite, but now days I'm being extra carful. Many deaths have occurred here in Texas just from a mosquitoe bites so do be careful when sitting outside.


Hi Jaydee!!

So beautiful! Thanks so much! . . . I can assure you that God reserves the best moments for when you are watching through the window . . . He knows you highly appreciate those moments.

Happy Sunday!!

Marina . . . from far Africa.


Sooooo lovely! Those sweet deer! I agree, I wonder what's going on when you're not watching!

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