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30 June 2014


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Ruth Ann Vincent

I like your card and just like Linda, I wouldn't mind receiving it. I have a wish list and the Wetlands is on the list.
Thank you for inviting us to your screened porch. It is really pretty and such a relaxing color combination. To be able to sit out there and watch the Wetlands and all your furry and feathered friends, would be better then a dinner theater.
Enjoy your company and have a safe and happy 4th!


Oh wow, what a lovely spot! How wonderful it must be to sit out there! If I were you I would be taking all of my conference calls out there. Fantastic!


Thanks for sharing the pictures of your screened porch - it's just beautiful!


Absolutely beautiful!!

Linda Mccullough

Love, love, love your porch! I would be spending many hours out there! Enjoy!

Renee Ondrajka

I think the card looks great! I am so envious of your beautiful room. It looks amazing and I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of it. I think of you often and hold a special place in my heart for the generosity that was shown to us. You are one awesome lady!

Linda Rodgers

Jaydee, you are WAY too self-critical. I even enlarged the card and looked very carefully and I couldn't see the ghosting at all. So if you don't want to give that card to someone special, you just send it on my way! ;-)

Your screened in room is spectacular. SO roomy and bright, and I love the colours. You will make wonderful use of it and enjoy many hours of wonderland viewing in it. I'm so happy for you and Lou...and the guests who get to enjoy it with you.


Your screened-in room is stunning! Have a wonderful time with your friends.
Personally, I can't see much wrong with your card, but understand completely the desire to make things turn out just right!

ColleenB. - Texas

Your porch is Gorgeous Jaydee and Lou. It's been very humid here as well. You might want to consider putting up an outdoor ceiling fan......Do make sure it's a ceiling fan made for outdoors if you do decide.
Jaydee, your card is still lovely even with a couple boo boo's. It happens to us all at one time or another. The wetlands stamp sets make for wonderful cards.
Enjoy your house guests, have a great day and an enjoyable evening.


Congratulations to you and Lou!!! . . . Enjoy your friends' visit . . . I am sure all of you will.

Happy 4th of July!!

Marina . . . from far Africa.


I'm sure it's just the photo, but I'm truly not seeing any ghosted images. I think the card is beautiful. :o) Ghosted images are SOOOOO frustrating! Gr!

Your screen porch is heavenly! How delightful to have such a wonderful space for entertaining, as well as for just sitting and enjoying. What a view. :happy sigh:

Your heron is stunning. I love it when I spy them in the wetlands!


P.S. Hiya Lou!

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