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07 June 2014


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Hi Jaydee, what a wonderful stamp set and great take on the code word. As always thanks for sharing a little of your life with us and those gorgeous photos


Karen Dunbrook

Great card...so happy to be the GD this month...exciting.


Oh no! Poor Niles!!! Bless his heart! He and Daphne are so stunning, I hate to think of them damaging themselves in any way. :o( As for those delightfully fluffy ducklings...squeeeeeee!! So cute!

As always, Jaydee, I love your little details on your cards--the shimmer on the red cross, the little siren on the back of the ambulance, all of it. Your attention to those details truly make your cards "pop". :o)



Love the card, also think Lou is a keeper the deck looks fabulous! As always loved the nature shots, but I sure hope Niles has no lasting injuries & your window holds up from Niles!


First of all Jaydee - I'm loving that decking - well done Lou!! Secondly, I do hope your beautiful Niles is fully recovered from the shock. Now onto the card - absolutely LOVE the speeding ambulance with the touch of glimmer - such fun and as always, a perfect CAS design!

Hope your friend is well very soon - I'm sure this card will make her feel better!
Hugs, Sylvia x

Karen Bourke

What a great card Jaydee - although not a mode of transport I would actually elect to take!!! Hope your friend gets on okay. Fab photos of all your wildlife - but aren't birds silly? Hope there is no lasting damage, either to him or your window!

Karen x

Doris D.

Love this card. The road is so clever. And glimmer on an ambulance is so out there.
Your deck looks so comfortable and I really like the stain color or did you paint it? The view from the deck is magical. I know you will enjoy your time spent out there. We also have ducks this time of year and the dreaded geese making a complete mess of my yard!

ColleenB. - Texas

What a great looking card and alittle glimmer always adds that special little touch.
The little ducklings are adorable and they do grow up fast.
Hopefully Niles didn't get a head injury and good thing he didn't break your window.
Lou, your deck looks Awesome and what a wonderful job you done. Looks about the same color as our porch.
Jaydee; thank you for bringing a bit of your nature to our computer screen. They are so enjoyable.
You both have a great evening and a wonderful weekend

Harriet Skelly

Sounds like Niles needed this ambulance Jaydee!! I'm sure your friend will love this card! I love the extra touches you put on it!


Oh, my, where to start, Jaydee! I guess first of all I have to ask if Niles is all right, although I assume he is or you wouldn't have included that part. Those darn birds! You think they would have evolved to know what windows are by now and not keep flying into them or fighting their own reflections! Your outdoor shots are just stunning; what paradise it is there this time of year! And, goodness, yes, Lou is a keeper! That deck is divine!

Okay, your card! What a great challenge opportunity to use that darling ambulance as your DT card! Your road and siren rock! Your friend is going to love it. Luckily there aren't many stitches involved in modern-day surgeries, or the ensuing giggles might rip them out!

Thank you for the fond farewell and for the honor of playing with you at ATCAS! Enjoy the weekend! Hugs, Darnell

Loll Thompson

Such a fabulous design Jaydee. You're right, a little bit of bling is never out of place :) LOVE our shots of wildlife in your back yard ... how wonderful to look out at that every day! :) Beautiful deck to sit and enjoy the view. Loll xx


That road looks awesome, love ur interpretation of the code word :)

vicki dutcher

Fun way to interrupt the challenge!


I so wanted to use an ambulance and thought I had a stamp but no! However your card makes up for this and I love the way you have created the road. Fab photos x


LOVE your card, Jaydee. I love your touches of glimmer and the use of the ambulance - I wouldn't have thought of that! I also had ducks visiting me this morning - mum, dad and baby. They are sooo cute!! xx

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