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24 June 2014


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You know, I really do need to get the "Wetlands" stamp. You have created the most beautiful cards with it. :o)

Speaking of wetlands, your wetlands are so stunning this year! I love love love the prairie flowers are coming up and all your fauna friends.:) Yesterday whilst on my run with the girls, we saw no fewer than five does. In fact, as I was slogging my way toward one, she just moseyed on along across the path. She sensed no danger and just went about doing her thing, and oh, maybe I had better get out of her way...;o)

Your room--that blue!--is wonderful! I love the giraffe! :o)


Just want to say Hi and let you know how much i too appreciate the nature photos. And your beautiful room is to die for! As you know I share your love of the Wetlands set. I have to get that one out again. Hugs,

Doris D.

I just love the Wetlands set and these little birds are my favorite. So easy to create a card with them. The tag is such a neat idea. And your sponging is right on. I still can't get the hang of sponging to make it look so natural.
Thanks for sharing your photos as always. The mama and her baby are precious in their natural surroundings. Such a beautiful view every morning.
Your sunroom is so inviting with all the natural light and that giraffe is precious.
Thanks again for always inspiring me.

Kelly W.

Hi Jaydee! Love, love, love your pretty card! You've used my very favorite image in my favorite stamp set! ; ) The tag has a very unique shape that I adore. The wheels are turning in my head on how to make one. Thanks for the tip on the chipboard. I'd say you are the first to give a review and I appreciate that. The sponging is so light and airy, very nice!

Ah, your sunroom is delightful. I can see all the natural light and it looks like a great spot to spend some time. Your views sure would keep me still watching. The baby fawn is so precious! I can't believe you got that photo! So pretty with the wetland and sky. I really appreciate all that you share with us and look forward to more of the tour and the great wildlife photos!

ColleenB. - Texas

What an inspiring photo for you to use in making of your card. It's Gorgeous...........both your card and photo. Sometimes we great inspiration just by looking out our window.
Such an adorable picture of mama and baby deer. Great photo
Enjoy your day and have a wonderful evening

Linda Rodgers

Well, ask and ye shall receive! Love that shade of blue, but the giraffe was the first thing to catch my eye. He looks very happy there in the corner. I understand now that you want to keep the element of surprise, but I'm looking forward to the grand reveal when the friends have left.

That mom and baby are adorable. I forgot to comment a few days ago on your egrets. Can't believe you had SO many, and were they ever gorgeous!

Your friends are going to be gobsmacked at all the changes and the beauty you've encouraged along.


Hey,my hanks! Now you've shared a little bit about your background, it all makes sense! I love your sunroom, the colour, the chairs, and your giraffe. If you would like to come to Canada, you could "do" my house! Just lovely. And what a precious photo of mommy and baby - simply sweet. Finally, having now seen the poster board in action, I may have to add it to my next order.

Thanks again for the photos - can't wait for the tour! Hope you enjoy your visit from your friends - they shall be very comfortable and pampered!

Mary Frances A.

I adore the shot of the doe and her baby...what a precious photo! Your home is so beautiful, thank you for sharing all of the bird and animal shots. I've shared a few of our own wildlife shots with you over the years, so you know how much I enjoy seeing all of your nature shots!

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