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09 August 2014


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Nance Leedy

FAbulous, fabulous card my friend! I love that these colors took you of of the "green stems/leaves" mode. You proved that you don't have to have green to make a GORGEOUS flower card. That was a big take-away for me from a stampin' workshop a few years ago where they said "you're an artist--make it any color you want!" Glad you embraced it! Also, I am gobsmacked at your idea of stamping on balsa wood--it looks fantastic! Beautiful card this week!

Ann Schach

Awesome, Jaydee! I would have never thought to stamp on balsa! How unique and creative! I love the stem color :)


Wow, I wondered how you created this interesting background! Great idea and look how well it turned out! Love the subtle floral images...very pretty!

ColleenB. - Texas

Such a great looking card Jaydee. Love that. As many times I have worked with Balsa wood I had never thought of stamping and using on a card. What a clever, great idea and so do agree that this would be great in using on a masculine or a boy card.
Have a wonderful and enjoyable week

Sandy M

Wow, this is gorgeous, Jaydee! I didn't know you could stamp on balsa wood! The petals and stem are perfect in yellow and gray, too!


I thought we had gotten an embossing folder I didn't see! Balsa wood! And brilliant pulling the Hello Honey from the centers of the flowers into the background!


Gorgeous card! I love the balsa wood! I definitely have to try that.

Sharon Underwood

Thanks for the tips on finding Balsa Wood. I'd never heard of it and had no clue where to find it. I like what you've created here. Looks pretty!

Claire Broadwater

WOW! Balsa wood is a new one on me! I love the way it looks and the stamping on it is fantastic! It adds such fabulous texture to your card! The colors came together beautifully on your card! XX

Pat Jandacek

Your gray stems fit in beautifully and are recognized as flower stems, but I have the same 'problem' with my artwork insofar as thinking it has to look like the real thing. I do admire those who use artistic flair in their creations, though, and enjoy their artwork with the thought "why don't/can't I do that?" In your card, the stems just tie in with your base card color; using green actually may have had a jarring effect..?? Balsa would be great for any masculine card. It is fragile though, so if were going through the mail I'd probably line it with cardstock for support. But maybe not, it certainly went through the diecutting process with no ill effect and I would have thought it'd splinter.


Your balsa wood technique is a fun idea, looks awesome with your flowers. I think the leaves work well in gray and yellow,too! Love it!

Andrea W

Beautiful card Jaydee! Your work is always amazing and I love how you used this weeks colors.

Joanne James

Great card Jaydee - I never would have thought about stamping on balsa wood, but it adds an unusual and unique texture and finish to your card. I know what you mean about flowers and green - but this card shows that it's ok not to conform once in a while - the floral stem looks great!


okay, this is just fun! Balsa wood? You moved well outside your comfort zone with this one--good on you! :o)

Oh dear! I've never had a lick of trouble with any of my Apple products. How utterly frustrating! Good luck!


P.S. Hi Lou! :o)


Ooh I like this card! Never thought about using balsa wood - but now, have to try it! Very nice.

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