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30 September 2014


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Beautiful card and that is such a great stamp0 set and your coloring is Awesome.
Thanks for sharing the nature pictures with us.

If I lived closer I would take them empty corn cobs off your hands and make/can up a batch of corn cob jelly.
Have a wonderful day



Those birds are so lucky to have you near them, taking care of food, fruits, water, etc.

God bless you.

Marina . . . from far Africa.

Linda Rodgers

What a wonderful variety of feeders and food you provide! Something for everyone.

Last week I was out in the Whiteshell Park (right beside the Ontario border) helping my son pack up his trailer. I was standing outside and heard a whoosh as a large black bird swooped past me from the back. I thought it was a crow until I saw a flash of red at the front end as it disappeared into the trees. I think it must have been a pileated. Wish I could have got a better look, but I was excited nonetheless.


now... you know I'm going to have to go off and check out what that is. How marvelous not to waste any part of the corn cob!


Linda, I bet it was a Pileated. They are really amazing birds. So glad you managed to get a sighting of one. I really do get thrilled everytime I see/hear them - and boy, are they noisy! it was wonderful watching the parents feed their young one again this year.


Marina, we are so blessed to have so many amazing creatures sharing our little bit of paradise! Hugs, Jaydee


I swear, you are the fussy-cutting queen! That little pear is adorable there next to the sentiment, and I bet that sentiment DOES pop more in the Early Espresso. :o) It's an utterly delightful card! :o)

I haven't seen my little woodpecker friends lately. I hope they're well. Our goldfinches are starting to change over to their winter wear and it's so strange because I don't notice it happening, I just notice they're no longer gold! Same in the spring. One day they're brown and the next, BAM! there they are all gold and gorgeous!

I would LOVE to see a pileated again. We observed one at the bus stop once, and he was MASSIVE. I had no idea that Woody Woodpecker was life-sized! ;o)


P.S. Hi Lou!

Kelly W.

Beautiful Jaydee! I love the pretty colors on this card and your coloring is delightful! I always enjoy your creations and this one doesn't disappoint. Your pretty nature photos are such a blessing to see! The pileated is always one of my favorites. Your maple tree is starting to shine and that must make you so happy to see out your window or from your deck. My red maple only has the tippy tops turning (and I mean single leaves here and there) and my sugar maple is further behind. I've had to water my trees here lately because we've had such a dry spell. Take care!


Kelly, we are so thrilled with the maples and we know that next year they will be even better. Putting in the 20+ trees over the past two years since we moved in is certainly paying off. The amount of birds we have had has greatly increased and we love that they feel so secure and have somewhere to roost. I bet your red maple and sugar maple will look gorgeous in a couple of weeks, especially with the water that you have given them.


Great job with that stamp set! Beautifully colored.

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