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Hi Everyone.  Happy Thursday.

Well, I promised to share some inspiration with you using the cards that I got in a swap recently.  Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing more cards with you, but wanted to start off tonight showcasing two sets that I totally bypassed in the catalog.   

The great thing about participating in swaps is that you get to see what people do with those sets that you bypassed and so often you are left scratching your head wondering, why did I by pass it?  These cards are no exception!

Let's start with this gorgeous card from Laurie .  Her use of the Seasonally Scattered  is so striking.  She focused on the use of Blackberry Bliss with touches of green and orange and the little flowers from the punch were the perfect finishing touches.  She backed the focal image in the silver foil and it perfectly matches with the bling in the middle of the flowers.   Fabulous

Thanks (1 of 1)

Now, for something completely different!  When I saw this set in the catalog I thought.  HUH?  It really was one of those sets that I looked at and shook my head and moved quickly along.  However, when I got Sara's fabulous card in the swap I went.  AH.  NOW I get it.  Sara's bold use of red, blue and gold and the layout she used really showcased this set beautifully and I LOVE this card.  Which goes to show that you should never shake your head and move quickly along :-)  Sara used Santa Stache

Stache (1 of 1)


On a personal note:

The last two days have been cold, wet, windy, foggy and GREY!  It seriously reminded me of living in England.  the lack of sunshine is killing me and I often forget that, as cold as the winters here get, we have sunny days and bright blue skies (even when it's 20 below).  England, however, is cold. grey. wet. windy.  did I say grey? the humid wet gets into your very bones and makes you shiver.  I so remember waiting for the bus as a school girl, in my short skirts and little blazer and silly tombola hat.  Shivering.  shoes wet and dripping.  hair the size of an afro from the humidty.  finally the bus would arrive and the windows would be totally fogged up with condensation and the only lights were from the houses and shops along the street.   

Mind you... as much as I don't miss the weather, I must admit the torrential downpours we used to have where your feet squelched in your dripping wet shoes and no matter how much you tried to stop it, the rain would drip down underneath your collar and wet the clothes under your coat..... well.. you certainly felt alive after walking through one of those rain storms!  Getting somewhere warm and wrapping your cold hands around a cup of hot something, was exhilerating :-)

Lou and I stood at the front window today and watched a flock of American Tree Sparrows and a few goldfinches feeding on the grasses and cone flower seeds near the porch today.  They flitted backwards and fowards hiding under coneflower leaves trying to get out of the rain.  It was delightful to watch them and then they would take cover in the juniper tree or cedar trees that we planted.   It was so gratifying for me.  I held out planing the front garden until I could find someone who understood my vision and he did a really good job.  We get lots of fabulous flowers, grasses and color from late spring through fall and the birds get to feed on the seeds.  That's what it was all about :-)

I took this photo a few weeks ago when the flowers were pretty much in full bloom.  The aster at the back were only just coming in.   It's a very different view now as the flowers are mostly died off and the grasses have turned to their fall colors.  But they did look gorgeous when I took these photos:

Cones and grasses (1 of 1)

 We also planted a mountain ash this summer.   The fabulous red berries didn't last very long.  The birds loved them

Mountain ash (1 of 1)-2

And who would have thought you would find THESE guys in our neck of the woods.  They surivived an incredibly harsh winter last year and we are hoping they will flower next year!

Cacti (1 of 1)

I normally show you photos of the wetland, but thought I would change things up a little and show you a part of our woodland.  The prairie runs in front of it and through it.  We have spent the last two years clearing out invasive species to give the natives a chance to recover.  We have also planted additional trees to increase the diversity.  It's a lovely little spot.  The fact that we got woodland and wetland, was the reason that we selected this plot of land.  As the other plots in the cul de sac have been built on, we realize that we did indeed choose the best lot.  We are very blessed.

Woodland (1 of 1)

I included this shot... just cos I love it :-)

Butterfly (1 of 1)

He was feeding amongst our prairie.  I really love how it came in this year.  So much diversity.  We can't wait to see what it looks like next year

Prairie (1 of 1)

Well, looking at the photos of the sun and the flowers - brightened my day - and I hope they brightened yours!    I'll be back early Saturday morning with my Addicted to CAS challenge card.  In the meantime, warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight.




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Yea!! Here, it's also gray, gray, and rainy, rainy,hope the sun comes out a little later. Your photos are beautiful . . . loved the front of the house . . . it made me think of the nutcrackers you bought last year and which decorated your entrance . . . I loved them!!


Marina . . . from far Africa.


Very lovely cards done by Laurie and Sara.
your landscaper done a fantastic job in selecting of the plants for your front yard. Adds great beauty and very inviting.
Those trees are going to be gorgeous once they really start to change into their Fall wardrobe :}
Thanks for sharing your lovely photos
Have a wonderful day and an enjoyable weekend

Doris D.

These two cards are beautiful and show you can go back in the catalog and find something you missed.
Your photos of your property are gorgeous. I know you enjoy living with all that beauty.
My daughter lived in England for two years and we visited each year. I remember the grey, rainy days but I loved them. I long to go back.


I just love your front yard - so colourful. so hard believe how quickly the seasons pass, isn't it! You did indeed get the pick of the bunch when you selected your lot - I love love love the front of your house. I love everything you've shown in your house - can you please please please come and decorate mine????? You might enjoy some time in Canada. In November. In the cold. (yeah, right!) I'd even open up my craft room - lots and lots of stamps and paper and ink! Thanks for that reminder of summer ... too quickly gone!


Gorgeous cards! I think Blackberry Bliss may be my favorite In Color this year. And, the 'staches are fun, although I had NO CLUE what I would or *could* possibly do with them. :oP I think Sara nailed it! :o)

Oh your prairie grasses and so beautiful. I miss your fairy glen a bit, but the woodland is still lovely and woody!


P.S. Howdy, Lou!

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