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More Christmas inspiration and after every storm comes a rainbow

Hi Everyone.  

You might remember that in last night's post I was moaning and groaning about the rain and how grey and dull it had been for two days - oh!  yeah.   and it STILL IS.    However, about 15 minutes after I published my blog post last night, the sky brightened and this appeared..... 

Rainbow (1 of 1)

Rainbow2 (1 of 1)

15 minutes later it was still intensifying and suddenly the whole sky changed color

Rainbow3 (1 of 1)

and I swear I could hear Mother Nature saying 'neh. neh. neh. neh. neh!  see without rain... you wouldnt get this wondrous sight!"  It truly was gorgeous :-)

In case you came here for reasons other than weather :-)  How about a little card... and it's a beauty, too. This gorgeous card was part of the swap I was in and was created by Tina.  I loved the coloring on the bauble, the gold embossing gives it a feeling of richness along with the colored basic rhinestones, gold ribbon and DSP.  The Merry and Bright sentiment comes from the Endless Wishes set.  All round... a totally gorgeous card!

Christmas bauble (1 of 1)

The photo isn't showing the true colors, as the red looks like real red, but it is actually Cherry Cobbler, but, because of the light, I couldn't get it to reflect that correctly.

OK.... So, I will be back later with my Addicted to CAS card.   Have a beautiful Friday





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STUNNING rainbow!!! :o) Yes, without rain there would be no rainbow. An excellent reminder.

What a fun card! I love the gold embossing and the beautiful coloring. :o)


P.S. Hi Lou!


Hi Jaydee!!

Beautiful pictures. You mention Mother Nature . . . when a rainbow appears on the sky, I see it from my kitchen window . . . for me . . . it's God . . . I just stay there admiring His piece of art.

Much love and for you and followers . . . a happy weekend!

Marina . . . . from far Africa


Tina's card is gorgeous and so rich looking.
Beautiful photos of your rainbow. Beautiful with the light highlighting the tops of the trees. along with the birds flying by.

God never promise us a good life on earth;
but He gave the assurance that there will always
be a rainbow after the rain.

Life on earth is not always what we expected
and wanted it to be. But if we can put our
trust in God, He can sail us through definitely.

God never let us bear what is impossible;
and He makes sure what we bear is the
limit that we can take without much difficulty.

After the rain, things will be changed;
everything on earth seems to be new
and clean. With these renew scenario,
we should be:

- a more positive and courageous person
as indicated by the RED of the rainbow;

- a creative, thoughtful and joyful person
as indicated by the ORANGE of the rainbow;

- an intelligent, confident and logical person as
indicated by the YELLOW of the rainbow;

- a renewed, generous and practical person as
indicated by the GREEN of the rainbow;

- a peaceful, sincere and responsible person as
indicated by the BLUE of the rainbow;

- a relaxed, devoted and wise person as
indicated by the INDIGO of the rainbow;

and last but not least, a spiritual and idealistic
person as indicated by the VIOLET of the rainbow.

Author: Maple
Have a Wonderful and Blessed weekend

Jeanne H

Wonderful pictures - and happy World Card Making Day to you Jaydee and all your followers.

Ruth Ann Vincent

Thank you Colleen,
I've never heard this! What a breathtaking poem! Our friend lost her husband, very unexpectedly, this would be ideal for a note in a card.
Bless you and yours, Ruth Ann


Looking to check if my messages appeared, I came through with the poem you posted . . . it was not there when I wrote my comment. A beautiful comment . . . now, more then ever, I am sure that when I see a rainbow . . . it's God.

May all the colors of the rainbow come upon all human beings.

Marina . . . from far Africa

Tina Adams

Thank you for posting a picture of my card. It is fun to swap and be able to enjoy everyone's creativity.

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