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26 October 2014


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Stef Perry

I was catching up on your blog, Jaydee, when I saw this amazing, lengthy, thoughtful, inspiring post of yours! Congrats on breaking through to a different level of creativity! I love your journal pages, they are such a fabulous creative expression! All the elements are wonderful and communicate so clearly your love of reading. I was a voracious reader since my youth but have to admit I have let other things occupy much of my spare time in the last few years(card making, reading blogs ;-) but have my fav books I love to reread periodically. Thank you for bravely sharing your new adventure in art!


I'm absolutely in love with your art journal page! I mean it. IN. LOVE. Oh, there's so much wonderfulness there, so much to draw the eye. But, my favorite is the card catalog cards with the authors. Brilliant! :o)

Take pride in your work even if it is any of those things you think it might be (it's not, btw. It's wonderful!), because you worked hard on something and moved WAY outside your comfort zone, something that's uncomfortable for all of us. YOU did it, how many of us have? Hm. I know I don't, not really. I'm a creature of comfort and habit.

It's a brilliant piece of art worth displaying proudly!



Jodi, thank you so much! I am so pleased that the post inspired you. I hope you share your pages with us... you will create some, won't you? Your encouragement really does help to me make feel more confident about creating more pages and sharing them with you all.


Colleen, funny you should recommend dating it. After I had taken the photographs I realized that I had no done so and immediately went to do that. I forgot to take a photograph of it afterwards! It is so important to date them.
Thank you for your kind words, they really help to make me confident enough to do more pages and share them with you.
Big hugs


Marina... thank you so much, I am so glad that the page evoked the feeling for you:-) Ah..... you might not think you are an artist.... but creation is art and creating cards is, in essence a form of art :-) the fact that you enjoy making them for charity is very meaningful.
Big hugs


Thank you, Cherie! Long time no hear. Hope you are all well. Big hugs, Jaydee


Ah, Jeanne. What are my favorite books? Through the years I think I have read just about every genre except Horror. Just doesn't do anything for me. I like books that take me on a journey to a different time, a different place, a different world. I like books that transport me and allow me to get lost inside them. Needless to say the Harry Potter series did just that. Pat Conroy does that, too and I find myself reaching for my dictionary. I loved Donna Leon's earlier Inspector Brunetti books as they really captured the feel of Venice, although I have not enjoyed her more recent books. I also love my classics.. the Bronte Sisters, Lawrence, Austen, etc. I tend to armchair murder-mysteries, biographies and auto-biographies these days. The Lord of the Rings trilogy will always be one of my favorites as will Gone with the Wind. I love historical novels and dramas. Poetry - Wilfred Owen, Browning, Byron, Wordsworth, Rilker. In fact, one of my favorite CD's is a is this one http://www.amazon.com/Beauty-Beast-Of-Love-Hope/dp/B000BLI3BG. Ron Perlman has an amazing voice (and I loved the TV series, too) and he reads poetry as though honey is dripping off his tongue!
Hopefully that gives you a little insight :-)
Big hugs,

Jodi McKinney

Oh Jaydee! I ADORE EVERYthing about this post! Your writing, your thought process, your creation! I am totally inspired. I LOVE your art journal page. I came over to comment on your PP card, and was thrilled to get wrapped up in this story and post. Keep it up. AWESOMENESS!


Amazing journal and gives us a reflection of what you enjoy doing which tells us a bit more of who you are personally.
If you hadn't already, maybe you can put the date on it and put Journal 1 as I know you will probably be making more of these beautiful art work.
Great job my friend.
Have a wonderful Halloween along with a fantastic and enjoyable week end.



Thanks so much for taking the time to write all those beautiful things for all of us. I do not understand too much the word "journaling" but the page is beautiful . . . it makes me imagine you reading a good book, by a fire with a good cup of coffee.

Thanks, I am not an artist, but I enjoy so much making cards for charity.


Marina . . . from not too far Peru


Wow Jaydee! Thank you for sharing yourself with us, we are blessed. Hugs to you & Lou


Your creation is wonderful. Good for you for starting completely new things. I too am a reader and would be interested in what are some of your favorite books. I hope to see more of your journal as well as your great cards. You inspire me.


Sandy, thank you so much. Your words are most encouraging and help me feel a little more confident in sharing more pages!

Sandy M

Your art journal page is amazing, Jaydee! Their is a scrapbook store near me that teaches classes in this sort of thing and I'm with you, I don't know a gelato from a gel medium. Would have no clue what to do with this stuff. What a wonderful creation you have made though, and how wonderful it reflects your joy of reading. Such gorgeous work it seems worthy to be framed!

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